Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My 311 Trophy Building

The graffiti on this building is visible on West Broadway, and has been since...well, since I started hanging around in North Minneapolis. So about a year. Well guess what? Nobody...

...had called this in to 311. I had often wanted to make the call, but the building was in a scary location, and the number (partially broken) wasn't very visible from the street. But a few days ago I was, like, what the heck...I'm going over there, I'm getting the number, and I'm calling it in. I honestly expected there would already be a report, given the prominent location and how long the graffiti had been there. But there was not report.

Well, there is now.

When people talk about West Broadway, and how rundown it is, and how it needs to be revitalized...they're pretty much talking about buildings like this one.

Wow, what a 311 trophy. I wonder where I can get it stuffed and mounted?

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cfors said...

I found out that the city treats those "Apartment Available" signs that get posted on poles in my neighborhood as graffiti and will remove them too. Keep reporting!