Monday, July 6, 2009

Merwin's Liquor "Butt Fence" Modifications In Progress...

Butt Fence Stock Photo By John Hoff

As this blog previously reported, exclusively, (click here) Merwin's Liquor is moving forward with modifying the "loitering paradise" created by their "butt fence." This morning, it became apparent the much-discussed modifications are in progress.

The steel railing has been removed. One assumes the original railing or a replacement railing will be moved closer to the sidewalk atop the stone portion of the fence, to eliminate all the "butt fencing" taking place. Temporarily, this removal of the railing creates an even BETTER loitering situation, but one hopes it will be VERY temporary.

For the record, I continue to patronize Merwin's even if my heart is with Broadway Liquor Outlet.

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