Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chilling At Home In Affordable NoMi, Fixing The Lawn Furniture...(Summer Visitation 2009)

Photo By John Hoff

Some lawn furniture came into my hands recently, rather like aircraft used to come into the hands of Great Britain under the "Lend Lease Program." Who knows how long the furniture will remain? Could be "for the duration," as they say.

It seems to me I've never actually possessed lawn furniture before, except maybe for a random metal chair or two I may have owned while residing on the bleak, desolate plains of North Dakota. (Shudder) I decided the lawn furniture needed a new paint job. But as much as I enjoy spray painting, I delegated most of the task to my son, Alex.

It's probably not the FIRST time my son has used spray paint...I think he probably used some paint while we were involved in volunteer graffiti abatement...but it was the first time he'd used spray paint so extensively. The paint went on the furniture, mostly.

But if some spray paint should happen to get on the grass, who will complain? My LANDLORD?

HA!!!! I don't HAVE a landlord. Here in "Divorced Daddyville" life is good, the living is easy, and I have lawn furniture on my very own lawn. THIS IS THE LIFE!!!

A friend of mine came to visit yesterday from North Dakota (shudder) and he brought along his Chinese stepson. When I gave the young man a root beer, he informed me he'd never tasted "root beer" before in his life. It wasn't what he expected. It didn't taste like beer at all.

This was the first social gathering which used the new lawn furniture, and it seemed like a great beginning.

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