Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Post-Election IRV Lawsuit Predicted In Ward 5 (Summer Visitation 2009)

Photo By John Hoff

Somebody who is a behind-the-scenes mover and shaker in Ward 5 made a very specific political prediction, and I figured it was my role to air it.

But first, pictured above, my 12-year-old son Alex with Ward 5 City Councilman Don Samuels. As Samuels hugged Alex, Samuels declared, "My white son!"

Ah, yes, the political prediction...

My source predicts when Kenya McKnight gets done losing in the Ward 5 City Council election against Don Samuels, McKnight will file a lawsuit alleging IRV (instant run voting) wasn't correctly applied in the race. (Another source predicts the battle in Ward 5 will ultimately be a three-way race, with a stronger candidate jumping in right before the deadline. When I say "stronger," however, one has to keep in mind...well, Kenya McKnight isn't very strong. Just about anybody would be stronger. And besides, word is the QUEEN OF ENGLAND opposes McKnight and the royal fix is in)


Who will be the attorney in this groundbreaking lawsuit based upon a legal theory of grasping at straws? My source predicts it will be none other than "Old Majority" attorney Jill Clark, whose ability to pick loser cases is only slightly less stunning than her ability to keep a dead-on-arrival lawsuit dancing around in court as though it wore living flesh upon its rotting corpse.

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