Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2130 6th St. N. Goes Down... (Summer Visitation 2009)

Photo by John Hoff

Shortly after I reported the property as unsecured, 2130 6th St. N. met its fate at the not-so-gentle hands of the Backhoe of Doom. That particular part of 6th Street North has seen a lot of demolition activity, as well as revitalization efforts like the South Hawthorne Community Garden.

Word is there were...

...three Fiat automobiles inside the garage on the property, which were hauled away. I can confirm that I looked through the unsecured window of the garage and saw three vehicles inside, the nearest of which was a Fiat. The windshield appeared to be deliberately smashed.

In the photo above, my son poses in front of the very large hole where 2130 6th St. N. stood for, oh gee, I'm thinking about a hundred years. I can't say for sure whether this one needed to be torn down. I know people are fighting like crazy to make the neighborhood better, and the "demolition versus preservation" debate is a big part of the ongoing discussion about how, exactly, to bring about positive North Minneapolis revitalization.

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MNjen said...

Hello! I just read an article on CNN about what people are doing to try to revitalize neighborhoods in Detroit and thought you might be interested in reading it since you are pioneering the same here in Minneapolis.

Here is the link: