Monday, June 8, 2009

The Seminal And Infamous "Grievance Number One" In The Jordan Neighborhood Controversy...

Photo By John Hoff, January 14, 2009

I had heard the urban legend of Grievance Number One, the very first of the many grievances filed by Dennis Wagner in what ultimately became something close to a civil war in the Jordan Neighborhood over who is the "True JACC" in charge of the neighborhood association. I had wanted to see Grievance Number One many times, but somehow it just never floated its way to my hands. But recently it did.

What is particularly interesting about Grievance Number One isn't its place at the head of the long line, or even the fact it might be viewed as a deliberately hurled snowball which turned into a massive avalanche. No, rather, what's fascinating is how Grievance Number One discusses the "Blue Shoe Shack" at 2022 West Broadway and the dubious appearance of Jerry Moore on the JACC scene. According to Grievance Number One, Jerry Moore wasn't qualified to sit on the JACC board in the first place, and therefore Jerry's entire controversial tenure at JACC started out as a fib wrapped in a lie bundled in calculated deception...

I will let Grievance Number One speak for itself, and speak to the historical record, as follows:

2009 James Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55411

Grievance Number One

Mr. Jerry Moore misrepresented his association with the JACC neighborhood in the Fall of 2005, he did this in order to gain access to membership and a board position. Mr. Moore claimed (JACC) association via the Movements Youth Club located and or association with the property at 2022 West Broadway. (sic)

Fact 1. According to Minnesota Attorney General Office, (sic) The Movements youth club is withdrawn as an organization as of completion of their fiscal tax year 8/31/2005. No tax returns were filed for fiscal 2006 beginning 9/1/05.

Fact 2. Mr. Lambert Motz (Previous Owner) revealed that Mr. Moore never had a financial interest and/or obligation in said property. The property was bought under Land Contract by Jesse Anderson 8 years back. The last payment was made Dec. 06, nothing during the entire year of 07, the property has since been sold to the City of Minneapolis.

Fact 3. Mr. Moore became assigned tax payer on August 18, 2006 for 2022 West Broadway, according to Hennepin County Records.

Fact 4. Mr. Moore as assigned tax payer was cancelled on December 19, 2007 for 2022 West Broadway, according to Hennepin County Records. At this point no property taxes had been paid on the property during Mr. Moore's tenure as assigned tax payer.

First Key Point: Mr. Moore had no affiliation to Movements youth development Club and Personal Development Institute because it no longer was in operation in 2022 West Broadway when he applied for membership in the JACC organization.

Second Key Point: Mr. Moore has no affiliation to 2022 West Broadway when he applied for membership in the JACC organization in the Fall of 2005.

Conclusion: Mr. Moore fraudulently represented his status to the neighborhood to gain access to JACC and JACC funding.

Point of the Grievance: An (Executive Director) for the organization should be beyond reproach, we appear to have an ED that is prone to misrepresentation of the facts. Is this someone the Jordan Area members want speaking on behalf of the organization?

Dennis Wagner
(His address)


Anonymous said...

Interesting tidbit published in the MPLS Observer comments section related to an article about the race between CM Samuels and Natlalie Johnson-Lee.

Apparently Mr. Moore (I use that term loosely) is a product of the 5th Ward. I wonder why his fond and positive comments concerning the Jordan coummunity didn't come-up when he was being interviewed (and prosposed by people like Brian Smith) for the position of E.D.

Submitted by Jerry Moore (not verified) on October 4, 2005 - 21:14.
First off what good is a comment if you can't put your name behind it. As a voting resident of the 5th ward I am very excited about this race and every voter in the 5th ward is not pissed off about NJL leadership. If we have any fear at all in this race it is that we do not want the rest of the ward becoming anything like the gang and drug infested bullet riddled Jordan. Quality of life is issue #1 and if I was a Jordan Resident I would vote him off the island for that reason alone regardless of how long he has been in his current position. Further more, I would recommend "Fantasy Island" for those who believe that Don's work in Jordan was so profound that he deserves to be the next "American Idol" of the 5th ward.

Anonymous said...

A quote from the TC Daily Planet regarding JACC. Note Myers' comment regarding Mr. Moore's salary being in-line with other community center directors.....

Anonymous said...

U can't lead the people if U steal from the people.