Saturday, June 27, 2009

PARTY! PARTY! PARTY! PARTY! 6:30 to 10 PM TONIGHT At 1215 Russell Ave. N.

Photo by John Hoff

First of all, this is NOT a picture of 1215 Russell Ave. N., which is a mansion, actually. However, we do have party favors shaped like little boarded doors with condemnation notices, and also name tags with the same theme.

For the price of a night out--TWENTY BUCKS--you can come here and drink plenty of wine, eat some good chow, hang out with some fun people. The funds will go toward the Adventures of Johnny Northside movie, which documents our colorful and romantic struggle to transform North Minneapolis into NoMi--an urban utopia which is funky, affordable, and oh-so-green.

Don't make me pimp myself even further because, well, um....I will totally do it. JUST GET YOURSELF TO THE PARTY.

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