Monday, June 29, 2009

NoMi's Very Own "Thong Master" Is The Drummer For A Band Called "WATSON"

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Brian Mondl, who lives near Theo Wirth Parkway, and achieved lasting fame when he handled (emphasis on HAND) a disturbing "stray thong" problem near the Jordan Pond, is the drummer for a band called "WATSON."

Because Brian has done so much for our neighborhood, I agreed to mention the band's latest gig...

Here is information from the band's listserv, forwarded to me by a Jordan resident.
Hello Everybody!

In honor of our country's 233rd year of independence, WATSON will be performing a very special show on Thursday July 2nd at the Fine Line in downtown Minneapolis.

Yes, we realize that Independence Day is actually July 4th, but we also realize that many people will be traveling that weekend, and we wanted to start the weekend off in style

Music starts at 7:30pm with Adam's side project, The Straight 90s (an all 90s cover band), and also performing are The Jason Paulson Band and 36 Sunrise. WATSON will hit the stage at 10pm. I can almost 100% guarantee that we'll start on time because we'll finally be working with a reliable sound guy!!! Also, we're debuting some brand new songs (written in the past couple weeks) and dusting off some oldies, so it's bound to be a fun night.

(JNS says: I wonder if any of those songs have to do with THONGS? Underwear, my dear WATSON)

There is a $5 cover, and it's 21 plus.

For more info on the band, check out our website:

We're also on Facebook and MySpace if you prefer that social interaction.

Hope to see you next Thursday! Don't forget that you probably have Friday off for the 4th of July!

your friends - WATSON

(Special thanks to Seth Foy for another awesome poster design!!!)


Anonymous said...

If picking up thongs is it what it takes to get a mention on the AWESOME blog, I'd gladly go on a panty raid.

Anonymous said...

Yes, fishing panties out of a neighborhood pond is much more mundane than say mortgage fraud, or stealing office equipment.

However, it's a much more noble reason for getting mentioned on this blog...