Saturday, June 27, 2009

One Car, Two Police Chases In One Day... (Summer Visitation 2009)

Contributed stock photo. Vote for Officer Mark Klukow at every day until July 15! Klukow was not the source for this story.
A source in the Fourth Precinct told me an interesting story. Yesterday, one vehicle was involved in two police chases in North Minneapolis.

Fourth Precinct officers pursued the vehicle initially, but broke off the chase when the vehicle went downtown, fearing bystanders could be injured. However, later in the day...

...the same vehicle returned to North Minneapolis, where police AGAIN took up the chase. I personally saw the chase proceed down 22nd Ave. N. while my son was sitting on my sunny front porch playing some kind of "prison struggle" online computer game. The second time the driver tried to bail, but (according to my source) was apprehended.

Now here's where I add my editorial comments. How often do you hear about somebody SUCCESSFULLY eluding a police chase? It's got to be one out of a hundred. So after virtually winning the legal lottery and escaping downtown, this idiotic driver returns to North Minneapolis!

Like, what? The numerous surveillance cameras wouldn't NOTICE? He thought he wouldn't run into a police officer out of, what? Dumb luck?

Let's hope the Fourth Precinct locks this guy up for a long time and to keep him from harming humanity's gene pool.

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