Tuesday, June 23, 2009

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Don Allen Requests Reinstatement To Northside Marketing Task Force...

Photo From Don Allen's Facebook profile, "China In The House" 

The most exclusive and current information about the messy, developing situation with the Northside Marketing Task Force can be found a few blog posts back (not just in the post but in the informative comments) but now things have taken yet another turn.

Don Allen, a former member of the NMTF, is requesting...

...reinstatement to the NMTF Board. It appears Allen's theory is something like this:

Jerry Moore is, in retrospect, the devil.

Everything the devil did should be reexamined and revised, now that the devil has been exposed and removed.

The devil helped take me, Don Allen, off the NMTF board.

Therefore I, Don Allen, should be reinstated to the board.

Here is Don's recent letter, unedited:

Dear Ms. Yantos,

Based on the current situations and event which I warned the NMTF about last year involving Mr. Moore and Mr. Kestner, I would like to officially file a grievence with the NMTF and/or be considered to be re-appointed to the board of the NMTF immediately. The vote Mr. Moore took with the executive committee and the board was based on "folly," therefore the current NMTF board must consider my re-appointment as well as other board members that were released due to Mr. Moore's dynamics.

My rationale for this decision is that Mr. Moore had an agenda that was false and misrepresented the facts to the NMTF board to have me removed. If you have any futher questions, please call me at 612-986-0010.

Very best regards,

Donald W.R. Allen,II - V.P./GM
V-Media Marketing Agency
Email: donny@donny-allen.com
Office: (612) 332-6025
Direct: (612) 986-0010


Evan Reminick said...

If NMTF is to go forward, it does indeed need people with Don Allen's skills. He produces communications and is part of the Northside's public discourse. As you've noted previously, John, lack of production and extreme secrecy characterized the task force's failures in the past.

Don Allen is a colorful character. Many feel that he's hard to contain. But in my view "message management" is only one part of the puzzle in marketing North Minneapolis. A bigger piece is the combination of professional experience, enthusiasm and persistence. Don Allen is strong on these qualities.

Another requirement for NMTF's survival is that participants put aside parochial political differences and focus on the big picture. Don Allen would face some pressures in this area, as he's famously up to his neck in Northside politics.

Even so, I think that, in the NMTF's situation, turning away the energy and talents of people like Don Allen will guarantee failure, making the risk of taking him on seem well worth considering.

JNS Reader said...

Is it just me, or are the Google ads that show up in your right column often exceedingly ironic and hilarious, given the context?

Johnny Northside said...

Oh, I'm sure it's not just you.

Marketing Guru Don Allen said...

JNS - I am proud to say I would be available to assist the task force in a move forward. Its funny, the firm I work for in the capacity of V.P./General Manager iNetGlobal, the parent of V-Media Marketing made $3 million dollars in May 2009 and we are pacing the same for June 2009. My experience is valuable. I have a proven track record of developing working models, writing non-profit programming and having the IRS approve over 5 non-profits I authored for individuals.

My 16-18 hour days are driven by a need to be "uber-successful."

One thing the NMTF needs are business minded people that have the skill sets to produce revenue "in-house" to maintain a top-of-mind presence in North Minneapolis. Already groups like NoMi and West Broadway Business Coalition are miles ahead of the NMTF.

If I get on the MMTF board, the community of North Minneapolis will see the difference in less than 60 days. (Yes - the plan has been on my desk for a year.)

In closing, if the NMTF wants me to play with them from the outside, it will cost them - I don't do multiple meetings well.

Jordan Neighbor said...

@ JNS Reader - the google ads are triggered by keywords in the blog post -
Let's see how much fun we can have with the google ads if Johnny gets some really interesting and unique keywords thrown in there.

Bonus points for spotting the trigger words.