Friday, June 12, 2009

A Little Pre-Tour NoMi Home Tour...

Photos By John Hoff

A couple of times I've asked Hawthorne resident Mike Klick when I will have a chance to see the house he shares with his boyfriend, Brian Cheese. Klick tells me he prefers to wait until the garden is in its full glory, and THEN he will see about giving me a tour for blogging purposes. Maybe. 

However, a couple days ago I arrived at the Cheese/Klick residence along with Hawthorne Housing Director Jeff Skrenes, and the two Hmong organizers. (Subject of a previous post) I managed to get a little "pre-tour home tour" and snap a few photos. I'm told Cheese and Klick redecorated the interior quite a bit, picking out colors they found more pleasing.

The energy and activism of this couple is at the heart of ongoing revitalization in their particular corner of Hawthorne. I hope to celebrate their lovely house in a more extensive future post and, well, everybody knows Johnny Northside is always up for a good dinner.

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