Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Lovely New Crop Of Official Paper (Be Still My Foolish Heart!)

Just when you think you've seen every cool variation of "official paper" that can hit the doors of vacant, foreclosed houses...something new appears to keep the avid placard watcher interested and excited.

In the last few days, salmon-colored tax delinquency placards have been hitting both doors and vacant lots...

...including this property, pictured above, in the Hawthorne Eco Village cluster project. It seems to be another wave of the foreclosure crisis. Though it takes years for a property to become tax forfeited, it can take less time in North Minneapolis because this is a "targeted area" and therefore delinquent properties fall into the hands of the county more quickly.

I doubt these properties will ever sell at an auction, however. I think most of them will fall into the hands of official and quasi-official entities as part of our ongoing revitalization efforts. That's OK, though. If you want a cheap home, you don't need to scour tax forfeiture lists. Just get yourself a Realtor and start looking in NoMi (North MInneapolis).

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