Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Rare, Beautiful, Lemon Yellow "Unlawful Occupancy" Placard...

Photo By John Hoff 

What is it I love so much about "official paper" slapped on the doors of houses? I am like a birdwatcher who sees the flash of colorful plumage, and must draw near to gaze in wonder.

Recently, I saw a placard of the purest shade of lemon yellow, and right away I thought, "I haven't seen THAT color before!" Oh, sure, I'd previously seen the slightly-green tinged lemon-lime color, which is the generic "official notice" placard demanding, for example, abatement of conditions such as "boarded building."

But this was not lemon-lime, this was sunshiny yellow. I came near to see what it could be...

It turned out to be an "unlawful occupancy" sticker. I'd never even SEEN one of those before. I'd heard rumors of their existence, but here was one right before my very eyes. I snapped a photo and drew away quietly, so as not to disturb the sticker's natural habitat.

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