Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Neglected Green Space At 22nd Ave. N. And Irving Ave. N., Jordan Neighborhood (Summer Visitation 2009)

Photos By John Hoff

A couple days ago, Chairman Kip Browne of the Jordan Neighborhood ("New Majority") took me for a walk around the neighborhood and pointed out some issues with park facilities, or lack of. My son stayed at Kip's house and played with Kip's dog, bottom picture. Alex doesn't have a dog out in the suburbs, but it seems like most of my friends in NoMi have friendly dogs which frolic in their big, ultra-affordable yards.


Our first stop was 22nd Ave. N. and Irving Ave. N. This green space is NOT a park, it is just a big grassy area which could have some kind of park amenities, but doesn't. Kip appears to believe that, in so many words, North Minneapolis gets the short stick when it comes to park resources. This unused green space makes the case, a little, but the "smoking gun of park neglect" was found on our next stop, see next post.

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Anonymous said...

I saw a diddy about a neighborhood that built a ball field for the kids, in some "ghetto" area of NY City. All the locals and then some helped build this field and felt nothing but PROUD about it, as an idea....good luck.

Anonymous said...

That is why I say - vote for Natalie Collins for Park Board!