Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Get Yer "Huggable North" Images RIGHT HERE!!!!

Images Contributed By Collier White

Collier White--who came up with a grassroots "Huggable North Minneapolis" branding effort--sent me these images to share and said he welcomed more "lively discussions" about his marketing idea. (Which, for the effort, I consider more of a prank-like stunt than an actual marketing effort)

But I certainly do agree with that whole Uptown Is For Sissies idea. However, even if Uptown weren't for sissies--which it is--North Minneapolis is ultra-affordable, funky, and greener by the minute.

Uptown is just WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. Yeah, it's a fun place to go, but who can afford to live there? Get yourself a house in NoMi, I say, and if you want to party all the time in Uptown, well, I won't judge you.

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Ryan said...

Any good apartments? What's the story there. What's the demographic? Is it "HIP" (Maybe Too Much)?

r-mo said...

So, "expensive" means "sissy?" Or is there a REAL criteria that makes you agree with slogan?