Sunday, June 14, 2009

More On The Johnny Northside Movie Project...

After posting a video on YouTube (my parody imitation of the mannerisms of "JACC Old Majority" attorney Jill Clark) I noticed a related video posted by 612 Authentic which featured video footage from the planned Johnny Northside movie. I'd never seen the footage before, even though I shot it.

The footage is not right at the beginning of the clip, but actually starts at 4 minutes, 25 seconds. It features a tired trucker and some intimate moments with a lamprey from Lake Michigan.

That's really all I want to say, so I don't spoil it for the viewer. However...

During his little talk at the Walker Art Center introducing the footage, Gabe says something like, "If you can figure out what THAT was about, I'll give you a prize." The thing he is alluding to involves an assertion I made on videotape (while truck driving) that, "It's not the fuel in the refrigeration unit that's going to get me home."

Well, I should explain more, particularly if I can collect a prize. I hope I'm eligible for the prize because, well, I LOVE WINNING PRIZES.

Here's the deal: suffice to say I was out on the road trucking with ONE COMPANY CHECK LEFT, (due to some extra pickups being added at the last minute) and I was trying to limp back to my home base with limited resources to buy fuel.

Since the all-too-interesting biological cargo I was hauling was not "food grade," and the refrigeration unit is well insulated (we've had to use this gritty little trick before) my seat-of-the-pants plan was to fill up with fuel for driving, not fuel for the refrigeration unit.


I can hardly wait to find out what prize I won. Oh, please let it be a lamprey from Lake Michigan.


The Mortgage Geek said...

Oh man! I've SEEN that footage, and nobody told ME there was a prize involved. Hell, I thought the reference to how to allocate fuel was so obvious I wouldn't have even thought it worthy of a prize. But maybe that comes from growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where everything is so far apart that you have to think that way.

Anti-Johnny (Given by Johnny himself) said...

Uh, John... I know how it can be difficult to find things to occupy your time with while traveling BUT, what was up with that?!
What made you want to do that little show with that slimy...thing? Further, what made you record it and what made you turn it over to 612?
But, ok John. I won't judge lol.
Can I make a suggestion?
If you want to get dates, do what you can to prevent women from watching that. haha
Why did you have it in the sink anyway???

Ranty said...

I attended that event - "Solutions For the Other 90%" - quite unaware that 612 Authentic would be in the program, and showing Johnny with a slimy creature, no less.

I just about fell out of my chair when Gabe walked onto the stage - and then AGAIN when I saw what footage he was presenting.

(More proof that some thick cosmic rope of synchronicity has been consistently, continually, and ever-more-tightly constricting around all of us - binding us up in this great big "Adventure" of Johnny Northside's... eh?)