Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Inadequate Facilities At Glengale Park, Jordan Neighborhood...

Photos By John Hoff

A few days ago, Jordan Chairman Kip Browne ("New Majority") took me to Glengale Park to show me the inadequate facilities at that location. Of course, it depends on how you define "inadequate." For example, the park has...

...a horse shoe pit. Kip says in all the time he's lived nearby--and that's been a number of years--he has never, ever, not even ONCE seen anybody playing horseshoes at Glengale Park.

But does the park have a HORSESHOE PIT? Oh, yes, it does.

What shiny new amenities will Glengale Park get NEXT, you have to wonder? A bocce ball pit? Shuffle board? A gray hound track all around the perimeter? Look at them crazy little doggies GO!!!!

A bench-like object in the park has nails sticking out of it, and severely needs paint. And the water fountain works, but doesn't drain. The photo of the spigot was taken after I slopped out a lot of the stagnant water with my hands but then I thought, oh, I should snap a photo.

Yeah, Glengale Park needs HELP. This blog is sending up a distress flare, pshhhhhhhhh!

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Anonymous said...

let's be honest. The state of disrepair of those facilities would not fly in other, more affulent neighborhoods in Minneapolis. NOMI residents deserve better.