Saturday, June 27, 2009

Alex Visits His Probation Officer In The Jordan Neighborhood... (Summer Visitation 2009)

Photos By John Hoff

Turns out if you build a dangerous and heavily-armed robot, you're legally responsible for whatever that robot does. Who knew?

But seriously...

I was going by the "Jordan House" probation offices at 2539 Irving Ave. N., and I thought I'd have a look at this facility. Probation officers visit their North Minneapolis clients at the conveniently-located building. I hear they run a pretty tight ship and don't tolerate nonsense.

According to one active and involved Jordan resident, the cameras placed around the facility have cleaned up that particular street corner and the street corners quite far down 26th Ave. N., which used to be chronic problem areas.

ADDENDUM: Though the Hennepin County website uses the term "Jordan House" for this facility, individuals active in the JACC organization always refer to it as the "Probation House" and almost never use the term "Jordan House."

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