Wednesday, June 10, 2009

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Marlon Pratt Mortgage Fraud Trial, Criminal Complaint In PDF Form

Stock Photo By John Hoff

Marlon Pratt is on trial right now, charged with numerous crimes revolving around a mortgage fraud scheme perpetrated by Donald Walthall of Universal Mortgage. More details to follow on the jury composition and proceedings, but for now here is the criminal complaint in PDF form, click here:

The houses involved are listed by address. Neighborhood activists who are into this kind of thing had access to this document as of a few hours ago, and we've calculated there are two houses in Jordan, one in Hawthorne, two in Near North, One in Folwell, and then there are a few we haven't figured out in these past few minutes.

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Ranty said...


(Are you calling that Near North?)

One is in Willard-Hay.

Around the corner from me & G.


Anonymous said...

I bet it sucks to be Marlon Pratt right about now.......

Maybe Mr. Myers might be interested in representing him...

Johnny Northside said...

To Ranty (Connie)

I was going by the handwritten addendums ya'll gave me last night at our dinner gathering. Do you remember what address that was in Willard Hay?

Anonymous said...

John - there should be a W-hay written in, or perhaps W.H. something like that.

It was like 23rd & Sheridan.

The Mortgage Geek said...

2340 Sheridan Ave N.

Anonymous said...

look who's here: Marlon and 3 homes not even on his list of fraud and his girl kathy jones and buddy Jerry moore and his ex snoddy...hmmm

Service Address: 618 HALL LN PID:1502924330144 Ward: 5 Taxpayer: MARIANNE SELF
Account: 1030272.303 Past Due Balance: $88.64 Billpayer: TYNESSIA SNODDY
Total Assessment Amount for Property: $88.64

Service Address: 4301 ELLIOT AVE PID:1102824310173 Ward: 8 Taxpayer: KENT A BOYD
Account: 320394.302 Past Due Balance: $214.47 Billpayer: JERRY MOORE
Total Assessment Amount for Property: $214.47

Service Address: 3239 LOGAN AVE N PID:0902924230114 Ward: 4 Taxpayer: MARLON PRATT
Account: 1110994.303 Past Due Balance: $81.55 Billpayer: STARLA TRICE
Total Assessment Amount for Property: $81.55

Service Address: 3545 PENN AVE N PID:0802924110072 Ward: 4 Taxpayer: MARLON PRATT
Account: 6020209.306 Past Due Balance: $33.23 Billpayer: JASMINE SMILEY
Total Assessment Amount for Property: $33.23

Service Address: 1240 UPTON AVE N PID:2002924120015 Ward: 5 Taxpayer: KIMBERLY A CORDELL
Account: 1711245.302 Past Due Balance: $160.71 Billpayer: MARLON PRATT
Total Assessment Amount for Property: $160.71

Service Address: 1806 VINCENT AVE N PID:1702924420077 Ward: 5 Taxpayer: KATHERINE JONES
Account: 1811302.309 Past Due Balance: $157.04 Billpayer: MARLON PRATT
Total Assessment Amount for Property: $157.04

Service Address: 620 PENN AVE N PID:2102924230079 Ward: 5 Taxpayer: IRENE THOMAS
Account: 6040166.301 Past Due Balance: $105.47 Billpayer: MARLON PRATT
Account: 6040166.302 Past Due Balance: $975.53 Billpayer: IRENE THOMAS
Total Assessment Amount for Property: $1,081.00

Service Address: 2810 KNOX AVE N PID:0902924340099 Ward: 3 Taxpayer: VALESHIA KING
Account: 1011727.305 Past Due Balance: $41.22 Billpayer: MARLON PRATT
Total Assessment Amount for Property: $41.22

Service Address: 618 HALL LN PID:1502924330144 Ward: 5 Taxpayer: TYNESSIA SNODDY
Account: 1030272.301 Past Due Balance: $13.15 Billpayer: BOONSAP VILAY
Total Assessment Amount for Property: $13.15

Johnny Northside said...

I'm looking deeply at the information you provided and trying to figure out what it means...I need to compare to the criminal complaint, obviously.

One question though: you've got 618 Hall listed twice, with the same PID and different information. What is up with THAT?

Johnny Northside said...

OK, let's break it down step by step.

For comparison, here is the list of properties on the criminal indictment:

1108 57th Ave. N. Brooklyn Center

620 Penn Ave. N. Mpls

2501 Kyle Ave. N. Golden Valley

409 Logan Ave. N.

2622 Oliver Ave. N.

531 Knox Ave. N.

2205 10th Ave. S.

2118 Emerson Ave. N.

3000 Russell Ave. N.

3545 Penn. Ave.

3331 Humbolt Ave. N.

2340 Sheridan Ave. N.

4122 Bryant Ave. N.

2947 Oliver Ave. N.

3647 Colfax Ave. N.

3447 James Ave. N. (Katherine Jones)

1411 16th Ave. N.

And, yes, a "Katherine Jones" appears on that list associated with a property at 3447 James Ave. N. And there is a Katherine Jones on your oh-so-interesting list complaint associated with a DIFFERENT PROPERTY, that is to say 1806 Vincent Ave. N.

Also, I see your list has Irene Thomas on it. Well, OK, I know from the Donald Walthall trial that Irene Thomas, a stripper from St. Cloud, Minnesota, was deeply involved in the Universal Mortgage fraud with Donald Walthall, and she's apparently a witness for the state. But she's nowhere listed on the criminal indictment for Marlon Pratt.

Also, compare the names on the criminal indictment with your list. There's a bunch of names on the indictment which do not appear on your list. That is to say, Briana Harris, Patricia Smith, and Jasmin Smiley.

Your list has other names. Interesting names.

WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? How do they connect with Marlon Pratt? And, I'm sorry, but I don't see the connection between Pratt/Walthall and Jerry Moore/Snoddy. I just don't see it. You putting those properties on this list doesn't make them connected unless you're trying to tell me Pratt was the loan officer? Or Walthall?

Throw me a clue, here. What is the deal?


Johnny Northside said...

I looked up 4301 Elliot Ave.

Jerry Moore is not listed as the bill payer. There is also no past due balance of $214.47. So what's the deal, here? When was the list generated? Are you saying Jerry Moore was listed as the bill payer at one time?

Johnny Northside said...

So I also looked up 618 Hall Ln.

Interesting little part of town, there! That's Lyn Park, right? Behind the Walgreens on West Broadway?

The owner and taxpayer currently listed is Marianne C. Self. The phrase "bill payer" is not used on the city's website. What's up with that phrase?

I don't see mention of Snoddy with the city listing for that property, but I do see the name "Bounsap Vilay" appearing in the list of owners. I can't help but note the similarity to "Boonsap Vilay" on your list!


Johnny Northside said...

OK, so my search led to this interesting document.

These documents from the Ways And Means Committee have outstanding taxes by ward, and I found some Marlon Pratt, some Tynesia Snoddy...sure. Some interesting stuff.

I'm still trying to find Jerry Moore, though...working on that.

Johnny Northside said...

OK, I found 4301 Elliot Ave. on the 2007 Ways And Means list, and it does indeed show the taxpayer as Kent A. Boyd and the Billpayer as JERRY MOORE. The outstanding amount at that time was $214.47.

So that tells me the information on your list, as I check it, comes up true AS OF 2007. So far.

But I still don't see the connection between Snoddy, Moore and Pratt.

Clue me in.

Johnny Northside said...

YOUR LIST IS PULLED OFF THE 2007 Ways And Means report on delinquent properties.

The data on your list is accurate.

But my question is how the properties on your list are related to each other.

I see how the Pratt properties are related. My question is how the Snoddy and Moore properties ON YOUR LIST are related to the Pratt properties ON YOUR LIST... IF they are related.

NoMi Passenger said...

Somebody recently reminded me that there is this old blog post with various addresses that have various notorious characters associated with the addresses, or the real estate sales or whatever.

A list of fishy addresses.

And we never got the chance to dig deeper into these addresses.

Go fish!

I think I just found a new revived project for the next few weeks.

Johnny Northside! said...

Though not mentioned in the criminal indictment, this address turns up with Walthall's name on it in a 2008 list of property tax assessments.

Service Address: 3439 EMERSON AVE N PID:0902924120183 Ward: 4 Taxpayer: DONALD WALTHALL
Account: 510431303 Past Due Balance: $1,084.51 Billpayer: DONALD WALTHALL
Total Assessment Amount for Property: $1,084.51