Tuesday, June 23, 2009

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Former JACC Executive Director Jerry Moore "Let Go" From U of M UROC...

Photo By John Hoff, January 14 2009

A known, creditable source at U of M gave information to a known, creditable source in the Hawthorne Neighborhood, who conveyed it to me earlier today:

Jerry Moore, the former Executive Director of JACC, who is currently involved in a lawsuit against JACC, was "let go" from his job at the University of Minnesota UROC program. According to the U of M source....

It was reportedly coverage on this blog which "blew open" the issue of Moore's hiring and forced the hand of U of M decision-makers after the issue had been quietly, respectfully brought to their attention over a week ago. I am told pages were printed from my previous blog post about Moore's hiring by UROC, including the extensive comment stream, and these pages got "waved around" a bit in a discussion at U of M.

It continues to be my position that if Jerry Moore wants to discuss his point of view in detail, and cite such facts on his behalf as he wishes to cite, I will air his point of view. The comment threads are also open, subject only to relatively brief delays before I hit the APPROVE button.

The issue of other (reported but unconfirmed) controversial hires by U of M UROC continues to be a concern. The question keeps getting asked by neighborhood leaders: WHAT THE HECK IS THE DEAL WITH UROC? Are hiring decisions being made on the basis of tawdry political favors?

I say that merely "letting go" of Moore isn't good enough. The matter of how and why he was hired--and by whom--should be formally investigated by U of M.


* Moore doesn't have a college degree.

* Moore is currently suing his former neighborhood association, (JACC) one of the neighborhood groups essential to UROC's North Minneapolis mission.

* Moore admitted being involved in a physical altercation with members of the JACC board in January of this year and was denied employment benefits on the basis of that misconduct. (Unknown if his appeal has been resolved, however) Moore was FIRED for that misconduct.

* The involvement of Jerry Moore's consulting firm with Larry "Maximum" Maxwell is a matter of public record in the Hennepin County court system. Maxwell just went down for more than a dozen felonies involving mortgage fraud. The LAST THING ON EARTH Jerry Moore should be doing is "research" involving mortgages, particularly research supported by a public entity funded by taxpayer dollars.

Based on any ONE of these factors, Moore shouldn't have been hired by U of M. But here you have all four factors. So what explains his hiring? This wasn't just a bone-headed move, to me this looks like somebody trying to throw patronage in the direction of Jerry Moore after his oh-so-justified termination from JACC, so Moore can be saved, inflated, propped up, and still around to fight battles on behalf of whoever-the-hell Moore fights for. (Would that be the right of poor North Minneapolis folks to get just as rich from mortgage fraud as well-to-do suburbanites?)

The more pressing question becomes: who else was hired by UROC who shouldn't have been hired? All hiring decisions made by whoever hired Jerry Moore need to be reviewed and investigated, IMMEDIATELY.

With 1200 U of M jobs being eliminated, Jerry Moore somehow managed to land himself a sweet job for which he was supremely unqualified. This is not something that should be quietly swept under the rug by "letting go" of Moore. And I have reason to believe I'm not the only media entity which has its jaws in the ass bone of this issue.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your pulling and presenting of information. It means a lot.

Anonymous said...

a) yeah! this is a good sign.
b) exactly. real equality for the Northside means having our neighborhood leaders held to the same standards as the rest of the city.

Anonymous said...

I do not blame the U of MN entirely, Mr. Moore is truely one of the most charming, manipulative and will try to con anyone whenever possible. He feels entitled to everything and will lie to get it. Jerry has shown no remorse, shame or guilt for his actions in the real estate fraud that has devastated the Northside. He worked with Tynessia Snoddy, then probably turned on her for immunity from prosecution, not because it was the right thing to do, but because he was in a corner. He has no concern on how his behavior impacts others or the community in which he proclaims to care about.

He was probably brought in by someone who he wants to believe he is a good person. Whoever you are, this man has several children by different women that he does not take care of, he had to have his license suspended in order to be compelled to pay child support. He has done really bad thing to really good people. It was proven he recieved $5k in an illegal real estate transaction (1564 Hillside) He has deep-rooted psychological problems and a sociopathical personality. There are many wonderful people on the Northside, who would be in a much better position to work with the U of MN on their ambitious urban agenda. I applaud the U of MN for taking action on this before Jerry had a chance to ruin this very important part of the Northside's revitalization.

Johnny Northside said...

Just for the record: the fact Jerry Moore has some association with Snoddy is well known. He is, for example, her Facebook friend or was when I checked recently.

But saying he worked with her...that is speculation. These are matters which must be proven in court.

I also do not have proof of these child support matters in front of me. If Jerry Moore or anybody else want to come here and dispute these things, they are welcome and I am sure I will approve those comments quickly. Thanks, however, for a substantive discussion.

Anonymous said...

U can't do mortgage research for the people if U steal from the people.

Anonymous said...

I noticed you removed all of the comments from this post that disagreed with you, Johnny. Seems a little dishonest. Can you explain?

Johnny Northside said...

I didn't remove any comments from the post. I think you're confusing this post with a different post about Jerry Moore. There are loads of comments that disagree with me which you'll find on that OTHER post about Jerry Moore.

The record will show--and it will show VERY WELL--that I do indeed print comments which take serious issue with what I have posted.