Saturday, June 27, 2009

Elite Butt Fence Unit On Patrol Near Merwin's Liquor...

Photo By John Hoff

Yesterday, I spotted a police officer keeping a close eye on the "butt fence" near Merwin's Liquor at Lyndale Ave. N. and West Broadway.

Though word is the fence will be improved to get rid of the ledge used by druggies and chronic inebriates, for now the problem remains. However, police seem to be cracking down lately.

I heard a rumor that one chronic butt-sitter took an empty can of beer and tossed it over his shoulder...right in the path of a police car rolling past to the rear. Word is officers in the Fourth Precinct are as fed up with the "butt fence" as are the citizens of this area. With neighborhood revitalization gains being made all over North Minneapolis, officers appear to be putting the squeeze on chronic problem areas like the Merwin's "butt fence."

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