Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vacant, Condemned, Boarded, Bound For Demolition, And Unsecured...

Photos By John Hoff

While walking around with our neighborhood Housing Director, Jeff Skrenes, I noticed something bad at 2130 6th St. N., a condemned house. Glass block windows at the basement level had been smashed OUTWARD, apparently to facilitate the theft of components from the house like copper pipes.

One might think there's not much point in calling 311 about an unsecured house that's awaiting demolition, but a building can be waiting for demolition for months, even YEARS. So of course I called 311. Besides, a day without 311 is like a day without sunshine.

It should be noted that part of 6th Street North is really turning around. This house is just a short distance from the South Hawthorne Community Garden.

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Anonymous said...

Drive by there again...the house came down last week. The demo crew found three 1974 Fiat convertibles in the garage, all in terrible shape. They were towed away. The house did not put up much of a fight and was gone in a few hours.