Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pete The Pedophile Takes On The Jordan Area Community Council...

Somebody Took This Photo With My Camera, Lord Knows Who

I need to first make clear this is NOT a parody post. Yes, after a few drinks I've been known to perform verbal imitations of Peter Richard Stephenson a.k.a. Peter Richmyer, a Level III sex offender who loves to poke his nose into the doings of the Jordan Area Community Council, (JACC). Photographic documentation of a moment like that is presented above. Don't judge me.

Fortunately, Peter Richmyer himself won't be reading this, or he shouldn't be, because...

...Peter's probation officer, Will McDonald, tells me Peter isn't supposed to be using a computer. In fact, if anybody SEES Peter Richmyer using a computer or has direct EVIDENCE of that, Will McDonald would like to know so he can haul Peter's sorry minor-molesting ass off to someplace small, tightly-secured, and quite unpleasant even at mealtime. But I'm getting ahead of myself. (Insert inappropriate double entendre in a Peter Rickmyer voice)

Some weeks ago, or maybe more than a month ago, word came to the new leadership of JACC that Peter "Pete The Pedophile" Rickmyer was going around and claiming to have a position on the JACC Public Safety Committee. This word came from police in the Fourth Precinct and, furthermore, word also came that if Peter Rickmyer really was on the Public Safety Committee, then the Fourth Precinct didn't want anything to do with the JACC Public Safety Committee.

After assuring the Fourth Precinct that Rickmyer held no position with JACC, two members of the "New Majority" JACC leadership, including Vice Chair P.J. Hubbard, went to the residence of Peter Rickmyer to tell him he'd better cease and desist from making false representations about himself in regard to JACC. Pete The Pedophile took this door-knocking incident as a serious affront. Some time after that, Peter tried to get a restraining order against P.J. Hubbard.

In Minneapolis, getting yourself into court to request a restraining order is only slightly harder than getting a hearing on a parking ticket. You'd think there would be a higher level of scrutiny, something like "anybody who has tried before to get a restraining order and didn't succeed must meet a higher level of scrutiny" (Jerry Moore, Pete The Pedophile) or "Level III sex offenders must meet a higher level of scrutiny" (Pete The Pedophile) or, well...I guess that about covers it for my public policy suggestions.

Moving on...

So here's the story as told to me secondhand by a reliable source. Pete showed up for the harassment/restraining order hearing and signed in with the court. And, though quite unhappy about being there and wasting his valuable time, P.J. Hubbard showed up, too. A few moments later, JACC "Old Majority" attorney Jill Clark walked in.

So, naturally, P.J. started thinking, "Oh, good lord, Pete has Jill Clark for an attorney." Hubbard wasn't terribly worried about going up against Pete by himself--after all, anybody walking around with a Level III designation is, by their very nature, somebody the legal system chewed up, spit out, and metaphorically branded on the ass--but Hubbard wasn't looking forward to going up against anybody with legal training.

Pete--whose approach in social situations might be fairly characterized as "overly eager"--walked toward Jill Clark and said something. Clark reportedly replied, "I'm not talking to you about any of that, I'm only here for this one piece" or words to that effect.

Pete sat down at the RESPONDENT'S table. So P.J. went over and sat at the respondent's table, too. The judge came in and (thank goodness) directed Pete The Pedophile to the plaintiff's table. Jill Clark was called upon first, and promptly handed a "motion to quash" to Pete and PJ. It turns out Pete had served Jill Clark with a subpeona for Jerry Moore's unemployment records.

Gentle reader, I know what you're thinking: what on earth do the employment records of Jerry Moore have anything to do with Pete The Pedophile saying he's being harassed by JACC Vice Chair PJ Hubbard? Well, that's what the judge was thinking, too. The judge granted the motion, and Jill Clark was done. She wasn't there to represent Pete. This caused Hubbard both amusement and relief. It would appear Jill Clark will sink low, but not THAT low.

Returning to Pete and PJ Hubbard, the judge inquired about mediation. Hubbard said he wanted a hearing TODAY. The judge said, well, he will need to go look at the paperwork. So the judge trudged back to chambers and looked through Peter's pile of rantings and ravings, which appeared to be word processed even though Peter isn't supposed to use a computer, and included a posting from this blog about Jerry Moore's employment hearing.

Did I mention Peter isn't supposed to use a computer?

I've seen the documents Peter filed with the court in this matter--these are public documents, after all--and noted how Pete The Pedophile spends a great deal of time ranting about how John Hoff a.k.a. Johnny Northside is an "agent" of the JACC leadership, a kind of internet tool which can be used at will to "humiliate" somebody like, well, Pete The Pedophile, a public figure by virtue of his notorious Level III status and his intrusions into both court and neighborhood association business. Yeah, ol' Pete went on and on about how Johnny Northside was out to humiliate him on the internet. You have to wonder how Pete manages to see things on the internet, since he's restricted from using computers, but oh well.

But back to the hearing...

The judge came back and told Pete his paperwork "doesn't make any sense." The judge said, "Explain to me in your own words why there should be a harassment/restraining order....NO! No, do not read stuff to me verbatim from your paperwork. Explain to me. In your own words."

Pete rambled about the incident where PJ Hubbard and an "unknown party" came to his door. Pete demonstratively held up a copy of a "NO TRESPASSING" sign, and discussed how he asked the people knocking on his door to leave. Since PJ was sitting in court, well, clearly this was evidence PJ left, and one must assume the judge noted that, because His Honor told Pete words like, "You're not winning. You're not convincing me."

Pete talked about how PJ Hubbard is using his leadership to turn the JACC organization against poor little Peter Rickmyer. The judge wanted to know why the restraining/harassment order wasn't requested against the JACC organization, then.

Peter could see where this was going, and conceded. Life was so very unfair at that moment. What is the world coming to when a Level III sex offender can't get a harassment/restraining order against a neighborhood association Vice Chair who boldly knocks on a door and tells a pedophile to stop pretending he's on the Public Safety Committee?

The judge then asked PJ Hubbard, "Do you have any idea what he's talking about?" PJ played his strongest card first: Peter Rickmyer is a Level III sex offender. And, really, isn't that the only card one NEEDS to play? Isn't it something like, "Your honor, this man is--legally speaking--deviant and manipulative scum of the earth. Can anything he says be given any weight?"

But PJ went on to discuss how he'd been approached by police in regard to Rickmyer's claim to be on the Public Safety Committee, and how Hubbard wanted Pete to quit representing himself that way. So that's why he'd gone to Peter's house that day, to tell Rickmyer to "stop misrepresenting himself."

The judge heard this and told Pete something like, "You have wasted this man's time and the time of the court. You will need to pay any costs incurred."

At some point, the law clerk called PJ over and the law clerk conferred with a deputy in the court. The deputy then told Pete he could leave. Pete--who doesn't have the greatest aptitude for social cues--finally left. The law clerk then told Hubbard the deputy could escort Hubbard, so Pete wouldn't be able to "fabricate an incident" out in the hall and "falsify a harassment issue."

But the issue wasn't over. A few phone calls were made to Pete's probation officer, Will McDonald, about how Pete had wasted the time of the courts with his worthless paper. In the course of these conversation, a few interesting facts came out:

First, confusion about Peter's dual names stems from the fact he was "in the system" under the name Peter Richard Stephenson, but Pete The Pedophile's legal name is, in fact, Peter Rickmyer.

Second, Peter is not allowed to use computers. So it's very interesting how Pete The Pedophile knows enough about the computers in the county building to tell people about free computer access on the 24th Floor, a fact I can attest to personally from that happy, bygone era when (in blissful ignorance) I treated Pete like a somewhat annoying eccentric rather than a loathsome minor-molesting human leech.

And then here is a third interesting fact, which doesn't have anything to do with probation officer Will McDonald, at least not yet:

This blog has a site meter and can track the ISP numbers of any computer that logs on.

And, when it comes to this particular blog posting...

I will certainly be doing that.


Peter unsuccessfully sues, claiming he never received Tupperware he ordered. (Link is not live, copy and paste)\0007\2159&invol=1


veg*nation said...

pete the pedophile would make a great underground comicstrip character!

Jesse Gmetko said...

This guy is in my store every couple days -- a creep of the highest order. I learned he was a level 3 sex offender from a superior of mine after he purchased about fifteen dollars worth of school supplies -- pencil pouches, kids' books, etc. -- which evidently he has done before, explaining that they were for his "nieces." Gahhh...

Johnny Northside! said...

Will you please, please, PLEASE contact Peter's case manager with this info? Here is a link, just click on the name "Gregory Fletcher."

Jesse Gmetko said...

Will do. Thanks for the info. He's dim enough to have one of our frequent shopper cards, so there should be no problem in looking up his info.

Anonymous said...

Oddly i've seen him purchasing small toys and school supplies in other locations around NOMI. I thought he was just some weird dude until I saw his picture on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I think this is the same guy buying condoms and KY from the CVS. Scary combination with your school supplies.