Monday, June 29, 2009

NoMi's "Goddess Of Glass" Makes Front Page Of STrib During Gay Pride Week...

Photos by John Hoff

Artist Connie Beckers and her partner, Tracy Allen, well-known North Minneapolis residents, were effectively the "faces of Minneapolis gay pride" today in the Star Tribune's coverage of Pride Week.

Beckers is called the "Goddess of Glass" for her amazing work with stained glass windows. She is also involved in the ad hoc NoMi group which is rebranding North Minneapolis.

In the pictures above, Connie is at North United Methodist where photos were taken for a NoMi-themed calendar. Connie is to the right, in green. "Sara" (spelling unknown) is to the left. She is Connie's "personal tattoo artist and glass apprentice."

In the bottom image, Connie shows off her Emerald City "Wizard of Oz" tattoo.

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Connie rocks!