Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blog Donation Disclosure And Energy Saving Light Bulbs...

Photo By John Hoff

It is now my habit and practice to reveal donations which come to this blog, via PayPal and in person, and to disclose where the money goes. It is not a standard required of me in any way. It is simply a standard I choose to take upon myself. I reveal these things when the money is spent, not when it is received, and I don't spend money very fast so...it can take a while.

Recently, a friend personally hand-delivered a cash donation of $50 from a local businessman. Nothing was asked of me as the recipient of this particular donation, except I was assured a particular issue I care about was being worked on behind-the-scenes.

Today I used this money to pay most of my electric bill, which was a mere $55.59. I credit this low electric bill to the fact I'm using energy saving light bulbs throughout the house, plus I do obsessive green things like unplug my microwave when not in use. Even my FRIDGE has energy saving light bulbs.

I am, however, happy to leave yard lights on constantly. It is my ongoing contribution to the safety and security of the neighborhood around me and, besides, the yard lights are also the "energy saver" kind.

That is some great electric bill, let me tell you. I was so happy and pleased and relieved when I opened the bill. I exhaled and thought, "Wow, the energy saver bulbs really paid off!"

I would urge all my NoMi friends and neighbors to make the leap to a deeper shade of green, stop using incandescent bulbs, and switch to energy saver bulbs.

But, no, I didn't throw away the incandescent bulbs. I still have a big stockpile of those. I figured I'd put 'em all in a box and take them to some of my blood kin out in the hinterlands of Minnesota. Since one of my blood kin is rather adamant about preferring the incandescent bulbs, the greenest thing I can do is make sure my old bulbs don't go to waste, and help my kin save money.

I am nothing if not an environmental radical. I am the only person I know who recycles sea shells. But, then again, I can be very pragmatic. That is, after all, the nature of a freegan.

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