Thursday, July 9, 2009

Marlon Pratt Mortgage Fraud Case--Bloggy List Of Properties (Summer Visitation 2009)

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The purpose of this post is to maintain a list of property addresses known to be involved with Marlon Pratt, who was recently convicted of 19 crimes revolving around mortgage fraud. So often the addresses are the key, and so here on this blog the addresses will reside so anybody searching for information may stumble upon this post and learn of the very interesting history of these houses. (Which, I hasten to point out, may still be a fantastic bargain in a rapidly-revitalizing neighborhood) If you want to research a property in Minneapolis, here is a great website to start your search, click here.

So, then, without further ado, here is the list...

First of all, here are the properties named in the criminal complaint against Marlon Pratt.

1108 57th Ave. N. (Brooklyn Center)
620 Penn Ave. N. (Minneapolis)
2501 Kyle Ave. N. (Golden Valley)
409 Logan Ave. N. (Minneapolis)
2622 Oliver Ave. N. (Minneapolis)
531 Knox Ave. N. (Mineapolis)
2205 10th Ave. S. (Minneapolis)
2118 Emerson Ave. N. (Minneapolis)
3000 Russell Ave. N. (Minneapolis)
3545 Penn Ave. N. (Minneapolis)
3331 Humboldt Ave. N. (Minneapolis)
2340 Sheridan Ave. N. (Minneapolis)
4122 Bryant Ave. N. (Minneapolis)
2947 Olver Ave. N. (Minneapolis)
3647 Colfax Ave. N. (Minneapolis)
3447 James Ave. N. (Minneapolis)
1411 16th Ave. N. (Minneapolis)

Further digging turned up some other properties NOT named in this indictment, but bearing some indications of involvement with the characters from the Universal Mortgage scandal. There is, of course, some possibility of duplicate names and these properties may NOT be involved. The comment thread is open for anybody who wants to say something about THAT, and I am open to feedback.

Here is the list, all from Minneapolis. The list is a couple years old and the situation with the properties may have changed as far as taxpayer and billpayer.

1316 Thomas Ave. N. Taxpayer Vince Barry. Billpayer Andre Bellfield.

1418 Thomas Ave. N. Taxpayer Kimberly Cordeel. (Sic) Billpayer Tracy Williams. ("Kimberly Cordeel" may be "Kimberly A. Cordell."

1240 Upton Ave. N. Taxpayer Kimberly A. Cordell, Billpayer Marlon Pratt.

2559 Broadway Ave. W. Taxpayer Patricia Jane Smith. Billpayer Donna Pratt and Patricia Jane Smith.

1919 Willow Ave. N. Taxpayer Irene Thomas.

2024 Queen Ave. N. Taxpayer Irene Thomas. Billpayer Donald Walthall.

1008 Russell Ave. N. Taxpayer and Billpayer Irene Thomas.

1906 Russell Ave. N. Taxpayer and Billpayer Donald Walthall.

1830 Dupont Ave. N. Taxpayer Andre Bellfield.

1806 Vincent Ave. N. Taxpayer Katherine Jones, Billpayer Marlon Pratt.

Anybody who cares to share information about Universal Mortage--especially stuff that is NOT in the court system in these rather extensive cases--feel free to share it right here.


Melissa said...

Thanks for posting this information! I found your blog while researching a property (I'm looking to buy a house in NoMi). Turns out it was part of the TJ Waconia scam. I wouldn't have figured this out without your blog.


Johnny Northside said...

Glad to hear I've been of use to you. Here's the blog of a friend of mine who is a Realtor in NoMi.

I'm sure you've seen Connie Nompelis (No-buhl-iss, it's Greek) mentioned on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Kimberly Cordell? When we bought our house we found a lot of the foreclosure docs and old mail with her name on it...I know our house was involved with mortgage fraud but not much else, just seeing the name again makes wonder about the little house's past life.

Johnny Northside said...

Honestly, I don't know who she is but the name comes up connected with these characters, as you can see.

Do you mind telling me the address of your home?

By the way, I have the same kind of interesting history with the house I own, and the one I used to own. One day, this period of history may become known as the Mortgage Fraud Era. People will be saying things like, "I have this lovely 200 year old Victorian...and it was caught up in the Mortgage Fraud Era a hundred years ago."

Johnny Northside! said...

Marlon Pratt's name turns up with another house on a list of 2008 tax assessments.

Service Address: 3503 COLFAX AVE N PID:0902924110182 Ward: 3 Taxpayer: KEVIN MURRAY
Account: 310951304 Past Due Balance: $109.36 Billpayer: MARLON PRATT
Total Assessment Amount for Property: $109.36

Johnny Northside! said...

Here's another property on the same list.

Service Address: 3020 4TH ST N PID:1002924320091 Ward: 3 Taxpayer: MARLON PRATT
Account: 630206303 Past Due Balance: $673.61 Billpayer: ROMEI JONES
Total Assessment Amount for Property: $673.61

Johnny Northside! said...

Here's one with "Kimberly Cordell," from the 2008 list of tax assessments.

Service Address: 2100 PENN AVE N PID:1602924230079 Ward: 5 Taxpayer: KIMBERLY CORDELL
Account: 1410230308 Past Due Balance: $605.37 Billpayer: PATRICIA JANE SMITH
Total Assessment Amount for Property: $605.37

Johnny Northside! said...

From the 2008 list of tax assessments, this one says "Andrea" Bellfield. Might be a typo and it's actually "Andre Bellfield."

Who knows? Best to throw it on the list as a "maybe."

Service Address: 919 QUEEN AVE N PID:2002924140092 Ward: 5 Taxpayer: WELLS FARGO BANK NA
Account: 1510628304 Past Due Balance: $503.70 Billpayer: ANDREA BELLFIELD
Total Assessment Amount for Property: $503.70

Johnny Northside! said...

Also from the 2008 list of tax assessments.

Service Address: 2958 QUEEN AVE N PID:0802924410115 Ward: 5 Taxpayer: GMAC MORTGAGE LLC
Account: 1510853311 Past Due Balance: $157.91 Billpayer: ANDRE BELLFIELD
Total Assessment Amount for Property: $157.91

Johnny Northside! said...

Same source.

Service Address: 1418 THOMAS AVE N PID:1702924440169 Ward: 5 Taxpayer: 1818 BROADWAY LLC
Account: 1710095305 Past Due Balance: $28.10 Billpayer: KIMBERLY CORDEEL
Total Assessment Amount for Property: $28.10