Sunday, July 5, 2009

PART FOUR: Friends, Family And Fireworks--Fourth Of July On The Jordan Pond (Summer Visitation 2009)

Photos By John Hoff

Here are more photos from the Jordan Pond Fourth of July celebration.

The top photo is Noah Dunkenson, who was at the party with his lovely wife, Jamie. Noah was mentioned recently in Lavender Magazine, click here for a link to the story.

In the next two photos, Margie and Chad with their daughter, whose eyes are so blue they look like big, ripe blueberries. In the next image, there's Noah again with...

....his dog, Wally, and new Jordan resident Michael Spivak, who joined the celebration and was welcomed as a new and productive friend in the neighborhood.

The image after that shows my son with some Fourth of July litter. I told him not to pick up expended rockets but I couldn't help but not his "good citizen heart" was in the right place. In the last photo, yet another image of our new Jordan resident, Michael Spivak. Welcome, welcome, welcome Jordan neighbor!


Michael Spivak said...

I need to lose some weight. Stop feeding me so well, Jordan residents.

It was nice meeting you all. If you know anyone hiring a law grad for civil litigation work, call me! :)

Jeanie Hoholik said...

Hi, Michael! I'm glad that you are already getting to know some people in the neighborhood! That was fast!

Jordan Neighbor said...

Michael - I'm fairly new to the pond area too - and I'm getting in shape myself - so we'll have to meet on the pond and do some laps. I'll connect with you soon!

Plus I'm planning on going to law school - so lots to talk about!

Anonymous said...

Oops.. that's Noah Duncanson... and his amazing interior painting skills were recently featured in Lavendar magazine..

Immaculate Designs
Noah Duncanson
(612) 202-9437