Sunday, August 23, 2009

Do Not Get Your Laptop Wet! I'm Just Saying.

By Johnny Northside, blogging from Madisonville, Kentucky

First and foremost, if you get your laptop wet and it goes into automatic shut down...DO NOT TRY TO RESTART IT. The last thing you want is to send even MORE current surging through a wet laptop. But the problem can be fixed and, in many cases, won't even cause a loss of data.

So, yeah, a couple weeks ago a cup of water spilled on a table and the spreading pool of wetness got all the way to my computer. I should have been quicker and IMMEDIATELY snatched up the laptop when I saw the liquid spill. Water got to the battery compartment and...

...shorted out something. Apparently it was a connection between the battery and the rest of the machine.

Fortunately, a computer geek who is committed to making NoMi better assisted me. First he went into the guts of my computer and tried to fix it (see photo above) and then he found a hardcore techie friend who repaired the of charge. It took more than a week but it was worth the wait. To hear the sound of my computer waking up again...well, it's like having a friend come out of a coma. This song, click here, kind of expresses how I feel. (Warning, some folks find the music video a little creepy...but even the chorus of the song reminds me of the "start up sound" of my beloved laptop) 

In the meantime, I got by on borrowed computers. Just hours before I left on a long work trip, my computer was ready to pick up so I was able to write, for example, Part Three of the Larry Maxwell sentencing story from Madisonville, Kentucky.

THANK YOU, anonymous computer geeks!

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