Sunday, August 16, 2009

JNS VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Peace Foundation Party At Farview Park...

In this exclusive video shot on Friday, Officer Mark Klukow gives a tour of the Peace Foundation Party at Farview Park. Also check out the pictures and videos on the blog Officer Klukow shares with his partner, Officer Mike, click here.

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Anonymous said...

Now that's the type of police officer every neighborhood could use. My hat's off to him.

The educational experience for the kids is great. They get to learn that:

a) cops aren't bad guys
b) they're people as well

Anonymous said...

This party that was put on by the Peace foundation was really fun - very lively. I often am just coming or going through the neighborhood and I come across some kind of event that the Peace group is having. When I was at this party on friday I got a flyer from the girl who I guess is Kenya McKnight, I never knew who she was except from this blog so I wasn't familiar. And I was surprised that she was passing out campaign literature at this party, is she allowed to do that?

JNS Reader said...

Great video, Johnny! Enjoy your vacay!