Thursday, August 6, 2009

South Hawthorne Community Garden Has OFFICIALLY ARRIVED!

Photo By John Hoff

During National Night Out, Michael Klick (pictured above) held up a new brochure for the Minneapolis "parade of gardens." The project near and dear to his heart--the South Hawthorne Community Garden--made the cut. It was a small but meaningful milestone.

Jeff Skrenes, Hawthorne's Housing Director, tells me that sometimes Michael Klick or one of the other members of the garden will call him with some kind of arcane question about bureaucratic matters. By the time Jeff starts to get close to an answer, and calls them back, he usually finds out they've discovered the answer and have moved on to another issue. These are VERY ACTIVE AND INVOLVED CITIZENS.

Go South Hawthorne Community Garden!

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Anonymous said...

this is actually the brochure for the parade of coomunity gardens. it is on august 22nd from 10 am till 2 pm. come check us out at the south hawthorne community garden located at 2123 6th st n.