Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Little Background Info On Prostitution Near 2700 Morgan Ave. N.

Photos By John Hoff

I blew up the background in a couple of recent photos to show the (apparent) prostitution activity taking place under the very noses of residents, most of it coming out of 2700 Morgan Ave. N., a.k.a. "The Salmon House." These photos only show a split second, but if you were standing at the intersection of 27th and Logan you would see the prostitutes walking the street...hailing the cars...getting inside with the customers ("johns") and then, roughly 15 minutes to half an hour later, coming back to the same corner.

Word is, however, housing inspectors will show up TOMORROW at 2700 Morgan Ave. N. to board up the, um, er...what do I call it? One of my readers is asking me not to use a certain word all the time, so I'll just call that place "The House Of The Rising Salmon."

Residents are not getting their hopes up over Monday's planned action. They've heard this so many times before, and yet they keep planting flowers, improving their homes, calling 911 and waiting for a victory which is actually a victory, not just hopes raised high...only to be dashed as more time, more time, and yet more time is given to the hookers. Meanwhile, three of the houses at 27th and Logan are the homes of very small children who see this prostitution activity DAILY.

Notably, there are only TWO PROBLEM HOUSES in this area. If the problems at those two houses went away, life in this little corner of the neighborhood would be perfect.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting to point-out the the former owner of this property is also owned the property at the corner of 26th & Knox that started the "riot" back in what 2002?

Anonymous said...

Yes the women are prostitutes and they flaunt it quite openly. They are not trying to hide this at all. These gals are flagging down cars all day and night, peeing openly on the sidewalks, flashing their boobs and walking around in a drug induced haze. The pimps have threatened the neighbors and are beating up the prostitutes regularly. Nice neighbors huh? Shame on the crusty old white dudes that drive in from the burbs to participate! YUK! They all need to go.

Anonymous said...

if folks get arrested for prostitution, are there resources for helping them to get out of the profession, if they're interested in that? so much of it seems to be a way to pay for drugs--it's just incredibly depressing.

Johnny Northside said...

If somebody wants to post about those resources, have at it. But people in the neighborhood who are just trying to have a decent home to raise their children have no obligation to be social workers.

Where are the prostitutes going to go? ELSEWHERE. Scrape them off the street, I say. Board up 2700 Morgan Ave. N. and then tear it down with a backhoe, the only kind of "hoe" we are looking forward to seeing on that corner!

Anonymous said...

that's why i asked if there were resources "once they were arrested."

i don't think that there has to be tension between seeking short-term and long-term solutions, these should be complementary approaches.

i'd rather see these folks get out of the business than just go through the revolving door and move a couple of blocks over.

Johnny Northside said...

Well, that is your area of concern and you're entitled to it. All I want to say is: if they go "a few blocks over" we will push them out of THERE, as well.

Anonymous said...

wow. i just don't understand the hostility. where, precisely, did i state that i thought that homeowners shouldn't be doing exactly what they are doing? why,exactly, is it absolutely impossible for someone to express even the slightest interest in long term solutions without being treated as "the enemy"? i've had hookers on my block also, and gone through much of the same thing. why is it important to create enemies among people with the same goals?

Johnny Northside said...

I'm not arguing with you. That's your area of interest and you're entitled to it. If you want to post information about such "resources," you can feel free if you have the information.

It's hard to know at any given time which "anonymous" I'm speaking to and whether it's the same "anonymous" criticizing from a previous, related thread and even claiming these hookers aren't hookers.

I am, however, quite disinterested in the idea of tax dollars being used as "resources" for people who are committed to a criminal lifestyle. Give those resources to the police department to pay for more prostitution sting operations. (Johns and hookers, too, makes no difference to me)

Anonymous said...

ahh, i see. no, i'm not the same person from the other thread.