Monday, August 3, 2009

North Mississippi Regional Park, Perfect For Dog Walking...

Photos By John Hoff

North Mississippi Regional Park is an area of wilderness located near the northern border of Minneapolis. There is a heavy "dog walking" emphasis there, plus it's a great place to fish...though you wouldn't know it from the small number of people fishing there.

Relatively little has been written on the internet about this resource, though I did find an interesting blog about birding at the park, click here. This blog notes the park is "fifty yards wide" in some places, with traffic sounds, but the part of the park I saw was fairly large and full of trees, with relatively little traffic sound. (Too bad nobody keeps that blog updated)

It's amazing to keep turning up these NoMi resources. My neighborhood is full of treasures and surprises, always putting something new and pleasant in my path even as we have to work hard on the flaws. See NEXT post, regarding THAT.

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