Monday, August 3, 2009

Brother Shane Price: He Took Hundreds Of Guns Off The Streets!

Photo By John Hoff

Here is a photo I snapped of Brother Shane Price, on the right. Price is involved in the African American Men's Project. Price is also credited with removing hundreds of guns from the streets of North Minneapolis through gun "buy back" programs, which Officer Mark Klukow recently credited as one of many small "slices of the pie" which helped cause a dramatic drop in North Minneapolis crime.

A few days ago, I ran into Price in the parking lot of a church after a graduation ceremony for "Turning Point." Word is Council Member Don Samuels attended the event, where Price was the keynote speaker.

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Anonymous said...

African American Men Project - Poverty Pimp.

Johnny Northside said...

The guy got all those guns off the street. Sounds like THAT project was worth the money tht supported it.

Megan G. said...

I wouldn't say Brother Shane is a poverty pimp. He is out there, doing all kinds of things, and the difference is, his programs GET STUFF DONE. We aren't talking about bar tabs at Gabby's and 500-600 per month cell phone bills. We are talking boots to the pavement, measurable results.

Thank you Brother Shane!

Anonymous said...

I've always known Shane to be receptive to other points of view and genuinely interested in bettering the lives of those that needs help.

dennis m plante

Anonymous said...

Megan G statement...

I agree whole heartedly.

J Hargett

Anonymous said...

"Brother Shane" the biggest phony I ever knew. He pretends to be a changed person, but I knew him to be a user of people and substances and a huge hypocrit even after supposedly becoming "Brother" Shane.

Johnny Northside! said...

Says who? Says an anonymous commenter?

I saw the anonymous commenter giving a priest a--

Never mind.

But I totally saw it.

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful that he got all these guns off the streets. I'd like to see NoMi, or the EcoVillage at least, turned into a gun free zone.