Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jordan Area Community Garden: More Images of the Re-dedication Celebration

Contributed Photos

by Jordan Neighbor
JNS Guest Blogger

Here are more images from the Jordan Area Community Garden Re-dedication celebration that took place on Saturday, August 22, 2009.

At the top, the new artwork created by The Speak 2009 Project. The gate was a collaboration of several young artists who all worked on a different section of the gate. At the top, words of inspiration read HOPE IS THE PROMISE AND OPPORTUNITY OF EQUALITY. The next section is caged butterflies and birds breaking free into the universe (my own interpretation). The next section is joined hands of diversity and equality. Within the hands is the Minneapolis city skyline and the word HOPE. The bottom section is some scroll-y grass growing from the earth, with the word EQUALITY etched into the design in several different languages (again, grass growing from earth is my own interpretation).

The second photo is a new addition to the garden. Have a seat, sit down and converse with your neighbor, your lover, or heck, even your foe.

Below the rock, one of the young artists who contributed to the new gate. She is addressing the crowd, sharing her story and talking about the good time and great experience she had working on this project. If I'm not mistaken, she contributed to the "joined hands of HOPE" section.

The next photo shows a poster on a telephone pole. Many of these posters were hung around the neighborhood to advertise the celebration in the garden. It worked, dozens of neighbors were there and new neighbors exposed to the good work being done by many.

Next photo is long-time Jordan neighborhood activist and current JACC board secretary Anne McCandless, speaking to the crowd gathered around the new gate. I can't even list all the titles and contributions that Anne has acquired over her 28+ years in the Jordan neighborhood as well as the Minneapolis Police Department. This is one dedicated, generous volunteer who will fight for the strong, healthy community that the young people of the northside deserve. Her hard work is paying off and evidence of that is all around us.

Next photo shows Kip Browne and Tyrone Jaramillo. Both gentlemen are JACC board directors who are contributing to the rejuvenation of the Jordan Area Community Council and helping to shape their community with many hours of volunteer activism.

Next photo shows an example of neighbors and youngsters enjoying nature along the garden paths. The flowers are beautiful: holly hocks stand tall, brown-eyed-susans are abundant and the purple and white cone flowers are pretty popular with the local bee population.

Next, there were a few young men who found it quite entertaining to chase and capture bumble bees. I am told no bees were harmed in the making of this movie. But these guys sure were proud.

Below the young gentlemen, a little darling had a great time chasing butterflies and bumble bees, herself. Here she shows off a new friend, with whom she decided to share some edible goodies. This little girl cheered so loudly and so enthusiastically that she herself became a reason to clap and holler. She exemplifies the reason so many of us fight the good fight. If I could bottle up her joy and sell it at the market, I'd be a wealthy person.

The last photo shows another reason to gather and celebrate. What a great reason to get involved in your community and shape the future. There are future leaders being born everyday and we had one among us yesterday at the Jordan Area Community Garden.

(Do not click "Read More" but do get involved with shaping your community for the youngsters)

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Nikki Doran said...

I miss my Jordan Neighborhood! Sending love from Willard Hay! Nikki Doran