Monday, August 31, 2009

NoMi Treasure At 1506 Emerson Ave. N. Just Hit The Market...

Photo By Molly Mullen

One hears about 100-year-old houses hitting the market in NoMi (North Minneapolis) that are residential treasures full of decorative wood, leaded glass, hand-hewn stone basements. But the house at 1506 Emerson Ave. N. is a real eye-popper. I've been specially asked to mention it on my blog. I am confident the folks who can arrange a tour will add their comments soon enough.

Currently, there is no prospective buyer and this place is just up for grabs.

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Molly MM said...

Thanks for the write up! We actually have a handful of offers as of this morning, but if the bank doesn't like them I'd love to set up a tour for interested parties. I'll keep the comments updated with sale progress! We're really hoping for owner occupants!

1915bung said...

Beautiful Home!

I hope someone who can appreciate the history and architectural value of this home buys it and restores it.