Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Here Is A List Of All Tonight's National Night Out Events!

Flickr.com photo, click here

Short, sweet, useful and right to the point: tonight is National Night Out, which is a very big deal in our rapidly-revitalizing neighborhood. Neighbors will be gathering for parties and networking. Where will they gather?

Click here to get a PDF of all the Minneapolis party locations. See you there, neighbor!

Oh, the picture above shows National Night Out...with American troops at an overseas military base. I TOLD YOU THIS WAS BIG!!!!

(Do not click "Read More")


K said...

There's an error on that list. Ours isn't 4xx 23rd Ave North it's 416 22nd Ave North.

Ariah said...

To make it one step easier I've added most of the neighborhoods to an InsideNorthside page (no need for a pdf)