Friday, August 7, 2009

VIDEO: Old Time Jug Band At NoMi National Night Out!

One of the participants in National Night Out shot some great video of an old-timey jug band playing on Hillside Ave. N., at the party sponsored by Sondra Samuels, president of the Peace Foundation and the wife of Council Member Don Samuels. (Don was reportedly away from the party, hitting the campaign trial with three vans full of campaign volunteers)

One of the band members is said to be an old friend of Don, who was a toymaker at the same time that was Don Samuels' profession. Though it's not in the video, as you can see from a photo in the previous post, the band members were giving little lessons to some youth at the party, and letting the youngsters play around a bit with their instruments.

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Megan G. said...

This party was a lot of fun. The energy was awesome and contagious. I loved watching the band members showing and letting the kids pull a few strings on the instruments. The ladies in the audience were certainly being charmed by the band members.

National Night Out in NoMi was a great success. True community, we've got it for sure - it can't be faked!

Anonymous said...

This band was playing outside the Byerly's in Eagan this morning/afternoon. Just another example of suburban flight? I don't think so, it's an example of something cool hitting the big city first.