Wednesday, August 12, 2009

JNS VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: A Tour Of George Roberts' Creative Space In Homewood Studios...

My tour of Homewood Studios was unplanned. I just wanted to see what was happening to the nearby Uncle Bill's store, whether it was being demolished by a backhoe or merely picked at around the edges by a massive metalic crow...

George Roberts approached and introduced himself. I'd never really MET him before, though we'd been at some other social events together. He has such amazing humility, such an ability to slide into the background and OBSERVE, that it takes three or four meetings to realize there's an older, wiser man in the corner and he's straring right into your SOUL.

Uncle Bill's wasn't going down in the next five minutes. Though I'd felt rushed rushed, there was suddenly plenty of time to mosey like molasses, to fall under the gentle guidance of this calm, wonderful man and see what treasures were inside Homewood Studios. And then I remembered the video function on my camera and thought, well, I'll share this moment with my readers.

There is so much more to Homewood Studios than this brief snippet, or even the next brief snippet. George Roberts' is at the center of a revolutionary concept...a core of artists revitalizing the neighborhood. The home of Homewood Studios used to be a building full of it is a pulsing heart of orderly creativity where children immerse themselves in art with skillful teachers, where creative people find creative space to fill the world with thought-provoking art.

This is who we are, I thought. This is the very thing which is NoMi, and this is what Johnny Northside Dot Com exists to share.

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