Friday, August 21, 2009

Slummy the Squirrel Slacks Off, City Crew Cleans up Slummy Property

Photos by JNS Field Correspondent

by Jordan Neighbor
JNS Guest Blogger

The JNS International Headquarters is in receipt of images and first hand account of some pretty slummy activity that continues to plague 3rd Street North in the beloved neighborhood of Hawthorne:

I was driving through the neighborhood today when I saw a wonderful sight: Two city employees cleaning up the debris from in front of Mr. Slummy's dumpster. Frankly, this should erase any doubt anyone has about what kind of a property owner he will be. He's had a stop-work order posted since August 3rd for improper permits, and that order also said he needed to clean up overflowing debris around his dumpster.

Well, two and a half weeks later, he STILL hasn't picked it up, even though it's about the volume of one pickup truck bed. So I snapped a photo with my legally obtained Blackberry - I didn't have my camera with me, and anyway, most city workers doing this kind of manual labor prefer not to be identified.

When I got back to the office, I noticed that a neighbor posted concerns about the structure itself and JNS was in need of a good field correspondent to verify such concerns. I donned my Hawkman uniform (shirtless in the rain! Y'all missed it!), strapped my camera to my utility belt, and off I went.
Thanks JNS Field Correspondent!

If you want more pictures and more commentary, check out this great photo album on facebook, posted by a dedicated neighborhood staffer.

Also, click here for the long list of property assessments on city website.

(Do not click "Read More" but do be careful of eroding foundations at slummy properties near you)

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Pond-dragon says,
you got to have fun when you are fighting the ugly Slum Monsters,
Keep it up Hawkman!