Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Water, Sewer Connections Ripped From The Street At Uncle Bill's Today!

Photos By John Hoff

Word came by cell phone from an excited and happy resident of NoMi: a backhoe was in front of the old Uncle Bill's location, ripping up something in the street. Was demolition imminent? I rushed there to see, fretting because I didn't have time to buy a bottle of champagne.

Two workmen at the site explained what was happening...

They were private contractors, there to remove the water and sewer connections. Somebody else would show up to disconnect the gas, they said, and yet somebody else would demolish the building. I asked if they had any inkling when demolition would take place. One of the workmen shrugged and estimated two weeks, off the top of his head.

There's still plenty of time to pick the day and time of demolition and win eternal blog glory, click here.


Anonymous said...

I'll say Tuesday 09/01/2009. First swing at the building will be at 10:10am.


Anonymous said...

I think that Mr. C. bought a lawsuit, not a building. I hope I am wrong and that he can get his money back.

Pavlos Lombardi said...

That's crazy to hear! I just hope everything goes alright with this operation. Working in the sewers can be real risky, especially if it involves digging. http://www.kirbybrosconstruction.com/Septic-System-Installations-Warwick-RI.html

Johnny Northside! said...

That comment is pretty much spam but it was on point enough that I'm allowing it through. This happens about every 5,000 spams. Not that I read them all, thankfully, usually I just mass delete the spam folder. This one didn't end up in the folder.