Monday, August 3, 2009

Thank You, Public Officials! Morgan Ave. N. House Of Prostitution Boarded Today...

Photos By John Hoff

The notorious house of prostitution at 2700 Morgan Ave. N., known as the "salmon house" because of its color, known as the House of the Rising Salmon on this blog (now that a reader has prevailed upon me to stop using a certain term that starts with "whore" and ends with "house") has been boarded up.


The photo above shows the boarded front door and the area by the front steps where (apparent) prostitutes and johns would toss their butts.

A nearby resident witnessed city housing inspectors show up with a police escort. Suspected prostitutes were seen loading up their possessions and leaving at the last minute. It is expected the same old girls will be present on Penn Ave. N., but they just won't have the salmon house as a base of operations.

Meanwhile, residents have turned their attention to the fate of the structure--hoping to have it condemned and torn down--plus the next problem house in the area, known as the "brown house." Pit bulls have reportedly been seized at that house in the past, along with treadmills. With 2700 Morgan Ave. N. down, the brown house is expected to take up the slack.

The resident who witnessed today's evacuation said it was "a happy day" while turning attention to watering flowers.

For this resident, there appeared no time to rejoice...attention had to be turned to the "brown house" and the notorious alley bounded by Logan and Morgan, 26th and 27th Ave. N., where drugs and prostitution are constant.

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Jordan Neighbor said...

A BIG thank you to everyone at the City and especially the Police Department for all the time that has gone in to this problem property.

Jennifer W. from the crime-prevention department at the 4th precinct was very helpful and useful and a great contact point for info.

The police and the extra patroling for the past several months (EWPU baby!) - it was a little more comforting knowing this house was on the radar.

The 5th ward office and other officials and employees at City Hall, some we know and some we don't necessarily know who you are - but THANK YOU from the good neighbors in the 27th Ave N area.


Crazy White Lady said...

I always enjoy watching my dog bark and growl at the prostitutes and druggies. He is super social and loves kids. He just always seems to know who the "bad guys" are. I will miss them on that part of our daily walk!