Thursday, August 6, 2009

Photos, Photos, Photos From National Night Out!

Here's more pictures from National Night Out. The top photo shows is from the party sponsored by Sondra Samuels on Hillside Ave. N., which was a large blow-out party soon to get its own special blog post. In the second photo...

Little kids waiting in line for food at the Theo Wirth Parkway party. The third photo was taken at the Jordan Pond NNO party, and shows CC, age 7, with her cowgirl boots and a skinned knee. She was very proud of the skinned knee, the way she was proud of a recent hornet sting. I told her, "CC, every time I see you, it's some new injury! You're like the walking wounded!"

The next two photos show mommies and babies on the Jordan Pond; Alexis (left) and Jacqui (right) with Avery and Sheri Peterson with little Henry. The next photo, taken at the Theo Wirth Parkway party, serves as the representative image of ALL THE REALLY GREAT FOOD that was served during NNO.

On a sour note (next photo) this event needs A LOT MORE RECYCLING. Step it up, people. Think of the planet. I won't say where this photo was taken, because there was plenty of THAT happening everywhere...except, it seemed, by the Jordan Pond where recycling was more of a priority.

In the next photo, partners Dan Rother and Bob Hodson near St. Anne's. Hodson had some really funny commentary while I took the picture...none of which is remotely printable. The last photo shows the really large Theo Wirth Parkway party, again, the only event which could remotely rival the one thrown by Sondra Samuels. More to follow on THAT.

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