Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mr. Slummy's Dream House Open To Trespass...

Photo By Jeff Skrenes

The disturbing saga of "Mr. Slummy's Dream House" has taken a new turn. The house at 2515 3rd Street North--which one reliable source says has FIVE BATHTUBS, and yet is SUPPOSEDLY a residence and not a rental in the making--has been unsecured and open to trespass for the past couple days. This according to Jeff Skrenes, Hawthorne's ubiquitous and hardworking Housing Director. The owner, Mr. Slummy, is "nowhere to be seen." Concerned neighbors are, however, keeping close watch.

Mr. Slummy's little buddy, Slummy The Squirrel, has reportedly been hanging out all the time at Uncle Lennie's store in Willard Homewood, waiting for a backhoe to show up and do all the difficult nut-hole digging for him.

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Jeanie Hoholik said...

Shoot! Five bath tubs? I'd say he must be Mr. Clean. But, hey! Remember Mr. Bubbles? He'd have a hay day with five bath tubs, I tell ya! Woo hoo! Whoosh! Bubblshish! Kisses! Whub whub whu bhub wub!