Friday, August 21, 2009

Busy Day for NoMi Community Gardens

Top Photo by John Hoff, Bottom photo from facebook event invitation

By Jordan Neighbor
JNS Guest Blogger

Saturday, August 22 will be a busy day for NoMi Community Gardens. There are two big events going on and JNS readers should get to both of them. Here's the deets:

South Hawthorne Community Garden - Parade of Community Gardens10am-2pm, 2123 6th Street North, Minneapolis, MN

There is a self-guided tour of community gardens that is taking place. The South Hawthorne Community Garden is one of the featured sites. Click here for a brochure and map.

Jordan Community Garden - Re-dedication Celebration

The Jordan Community Garden located at 26th Ave and Knox Ave N has undergone a make over in the past few months. There will be a community celebration and re-dedication hosted at the garden on Saturday at 4pm to 6pm. There will be an unveiling of a new public art piece at the garden. There have been many organizations involved in the garden make-over and I don't mean to leave any of them out, but some of those hard-working organizations are Jordan Area Community Council, Pohlad Family Foundation, Treetrust and The Speak Project at Chicago Ave Fire Arts Center.

The Jordan Livability Blog has more deets, too.

If you'd like to be a JNS Field Correspondent for either of these two events, leave a comment with your email address and we'll connect for details and pictures!

(Do Not click "Read More" but Do get to the community gardens on Saturday)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for everyone attending the parade of community garden. it was great, but sadly our council member hofstede was not present. I am not really surprised.