Sunday, August 23, 2009

On The Road Again...Out Of Town And Missing NoMi

Photo By John Hoff

All the way from Madisonville, Kentucky, stuck in a cheap motel for the weekend while waiting to pick up cargo on Monday, I think "What can I do to help my North Minneapolis neighborhood?" Maybe it's a conversation with my neighborhood chair, punctuated by loss of cell phone reception as I dip into the valleys between rocky hills in Illinois. Maybe it's just mulling over neighborhood matters while I fill up with diesel. When I have an opportunity to rest, and get internet access...the fact I'm across the country makes no difference. I can still blog about NoMi.

Fooling around on my laptop, I FINALLY figured out a way to make photos appear BELOW the "click to read more" line, instead of throwing everything above. Progress.

In the top photo, at the beginning of my trip I was waiting in the Twin Cities for a freezer unit on my truck to get fixed. I had to sit around for most of an afternoon in the trucker lounge, so after a while I just went outside and laid on the grass under a tree. 

Away from my North Minneapolis neighborhood, any corner of the world where I find myself is temporarily MY NEIGHBORHOOD, and I might find small ways to improve it. The trucker lounge had no wireless internet but I was told by the management they'd "talked about getting it."

I said...

"You need to talk about it MORE. And then ACTUALLY GET WIRELESS INTERNET."

I pointed out there were a number of dealers who fix that particular kind of freezer unit and, really, there was some leeway in picking dealers. So the difference in picking one dealer over another might be a comfortable trucker lounge to wait and wait and wait.

Everybody was getting wireless, I said. Time to jump on board or get left in the dust.

Anyway, my employer was fortunate to have a "cheap fix" on the freezer unit, instead of a more expensive problem, but I still had to spend the night in a hotel.

In the morning, however, I was rolling toward Kentucky.

Pictured below, the legendary graveyard of truck freezer units.


Anonymous said...

JNS. I'm confused. I was under the impression you were on vacation. Are you moon-lighting now?

Anonymous said...

I like your boot's.

(that extra apostrophe is deliberate)

Johnny Northside said...

It was always a working vacation.

Anonymous said...

Those is John's "double clutchin' boots".