Monday, December 24, 2012

Argument After Drinking And Weed Purchase Causes 25 Stitches To A Woman's Face, Allegedly...

Creative stock photo, perfectly legal tobacco, not the other stuff, blog post by John Hoff

Monica Lasalle Duffie, DOB 12/22/63, is charged with second degree assault after slicing the face of a female acquaintance (allegedly) in an argument over money following the purchase of some marijuana. The weapon reportedly used was a box cutter. Both parties had been drinking before they had the bright idea to buy some weed.

The victim, whose initials are KF, had a cut from the top of her ear down her entire cheek line. The cut required 25 stitches. The incident reportedly happened May 26 but Duffie has been sitting in jail all this time (including today, Christmas Eve) for lack of $40,000 bail.

Click here for the criminal complaint.

Duffie's address (at least as of last May) was 2014 21st Ave. N., a building owned by the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority.


Well, OK, not really. 

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