Sunday, December 9, 2012

Troy Parker, Frequent Flyer On Lawsuit Airlines, PART TWO, Waitress, There Is An Unknown Foreign Object In My Food...

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by John Hoff

Troy Parker, a perennial also ran for political office in North Minneapolis, seems like the kind of person who will sue at the drop of a hat. History shows that's exactly the sort of person this blogger can't resist writing about...

Parker's woefully unsuccessful and recently dismissed lawsuit involving a damaged car was covered in Part One, click here. 

Now stay tuned for the tale of Troy Parker and McCormick and Schmick's Seafood Restaurant. This is a high end seafood restaurant located "in the heart of downtown Minneapolis." Click here for their website. 

This is apparently the sort of place where Troy Parker likes to eat in style. But was he happy with his meal? No, Troy was unhappy.

As a summary of Parker's lawsuit worded it, "This case involves claims by the plaintiff for personal injury he claims to have suffered while he was a patron at Defendant's restaurant. Plaintiff claims he suffered injury to a tooth as the result of an unidentified foreign objected located in the food he was eating. Defendants have denied Plaintiff's allegations and asserted various defenses to the same."

In this case, Troy Parker represented himself pro se. The case was dismissed with prejudice on September 24, 2012. A stipulation of dismissal was filed July 30, 2012. Both parties bore their own legal costs.

That doesn't mean, however, the case was an abject and embarrassing failure like Troy's other case involving the damaged car. An out-of-court settlement may exist in the "foreign object" case. In fact, the timing of the dismissal and the paucity of documentation leads me to speculate that's exactly what happened.

Moral of the story? If Troy Parker comes into your high end restaurant, either tell him you're closed or have somebody stand right beside his table to be very sure he doesn't bite into any "unknown foreign objects." (UFOs)

For those who seek some sort of documentary paper trail, the case is 27-CV-12-7610, Troy E. Parker v. McCormick & Schmick and McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant. 

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