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Troy Parker, Frequent Flyer On Lawsuit Airlines, PART ONE...

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Technically, this could be PART FIFTY-ONE of The Madness of Jill Clark, since Clark was the attorney in this little legal fiasco, but I've already made it clear I'm not trying to run up the score against Clark while she is (by her own assertions) a mental case not functioning at her former capacity. So, in a spirit of kindness (sarcastic eye roll) this little ditty can be PART ONE of Troy Parker, Frequent Flyer On Lawsuit Airlines.

Fasten your seat belts, we're entering some messy turbulence, folks.

Most Johnny Northside readers know Troy Parker as one of the more sharply dressed Northside "also rans" whose name appears on the ballot as surely as mushrooms appear in doggy doo doo after a rain storm, but Troy is so much more. Troy is a much aggrieved, much suing frequent flyer in our court system. This is only Part One. I'm still researching his little lawsuit about the (oh god!!! Oh god!!! STEWARDESS!!!!) foreign object in his food.

Troy Parker and his (I assume) long suffering wife Arlynn C. Parker filed a lawsuit on or about May 16, 2011, naming a number of defendants: Spire Federal Credit Union, Crystal Collission Inc, North Suburban Towing, Inc, American Family Insurance, Wilson Mutual Insurance Company, and some "John Doe" defendants and corporations because everything is a conspiracy with unknown evil actors, don't you know?

You know. Don't act like you don't know. I THINK WE ALL KNOW WHY WE'RE HERE.

This blog wrote previously about the existence of the lawsuit but didn't have the details. Well, now I have the details.

The lawsuit, on its face, was a fairly dry matter. A vehicle was damaged in an auto accident and there was a dispute about how well the vehicle was fixed. The lawsuit failed miserably and was dismissed "with prejudice" on December 3, which is what sent me scurrying to the court vaults to see how another of Jill's little legal fiascos played out.

It wasn't pretty. The lawsuit failed for three main reasons...

First of all, if the pilot of the metaphorical plane is dead or insane at the controls, odds are the plane isn't going to have a very good landing. With Jill Clark's litany of mental maladies, this is exactly what happened. There was never an actual court appearance by Jill Clark or, for that matter, Troy Parker or his wife. At least one of the defendants made an appearance, and probably made some arguments. That was apparently enough to get the whole thing dismissed BECAUSE...

(And this is the second reason) The lawsuit was in violation of established Minnesota law. In the Order Dismissing With Prejudice, Honorable Judge Ivy S. Bernhardson wrote "Plaintiff's action against Wilson Mutual is in violation of established Minnesota law. Minnesota law requires that an injured third party may not sue the insurer directly, but instead must obtain a judgment against the insured."

Nice. Far be it from an attorney to understand little niceties of, well, LAW.

Far be it from Troy Parker, either.

Thirdly, the lawsuit was dismissed because "Plaintiffs failed to state with particularity, with respect to Wilson Mutual, any facts that would constitute fraud."

I would assume the defendants in this case who actually spent attorney fees would make some kind of motion for fees but that hasn't happened quite yet.

There are, so I hear, two versions of the story about what happened to this vehicle or, as Jill Clark's lawsuit puts it, Vehicle, with a capital V. There's the very dry version told in the court documents and then there is (rumor has it) a much more colorful tale of, how shall I put it? INTENSE verbal interaction.

I do not yet have the colorful version nailed down so here's the dry version.

On December 14, 2009, a vehicle owned by the Parkers was involved in an accident with a vehicle insured by Wilson Mutual Insurance Company. In trying to settle the Plaintiff Parkers' claim for property damage, Wilson Mutual sent the vehicle to a repair shop for an estimate. The estimate was $7,600. The insurance company provided the Parkers a rental car. And then...

The Parkers refused to accept the return of their original car from Crystal Collision Center. Apparently they were not happy Wilson Mutual would not "total" the vehicle or pay for the repair of all damages. The lawsuit says the "Parker Vehicle" was not repaired and it was pulling to the left and had trouble accelerating. And then the lawsuit just goes into all kinds of messy, tedious detail about he said brakes, he said axle, oh, something about the frame is bent. The Parkers kept demanding Wilson pay for all repairs or a replacement vehicle. It was a mess. The lawsuit goes into EXTENSIVE detail. That would be the same lawsuit neither Jill nor Troy Parker showed up to see to completion.

And let's not forget Spire Federal Credit Union was also sued. What did Spire do? Well, Spire had the misfortune of being the finance company for the vehicle (make that Vehicle) owned by the Parkers.

No, not the rental vehicle but the ORIGINAL vehicle. What did Spire do besides help the Parkers by financing their vehicle? Oh, the lawsuit says Spire "failed to perform a neutral or sufficient investigation" when Crystal Collision wrote the Parkers had essentially "abandoned" their vehicle. It appears Spire ultimately took possession of the vehicle the Parkers were refusing to pick up.

Moral of the story? Help Troy Parker finance something and he might sue you. And also, Troy would like a nice new car or a bundle of cash, please. Troy doesn't want to be driving some nasty, should have been totaled but wasn't, frame-all-bent-to-hell piece of CRAP. Troy is an elegant man of style as well as political substance, and Troy must look the part, so somebody must pay to make that happen. And by "somebody" I mean, of course, somebody besides Troy Parker himself.

But Troy's dreams of striking it rich (the lawsuit demanded "in excess of $50,000) didn't pan out so well.

Like so many of Jill Clark's recent cases, there's a sad little paper trail documenting her assertions of maladies and requesting delay. On June 27, 2012, the Court clerk received an email (Email) from Jill's office saying Clark had been hospitalized and requesting "an extension on any legal matters or hearings." See Exhibit 1.

OK, let's turn to Exhibit One, shall we?

It's an email from Jeff Roth, who is Clark's (I assume) long-suffering husband and also the Information Services Manager of Jill Clark, LLC. The email reads as follows.

I am sending this email on behalf of Attorney Jill Clark, my wife. I am not a lawyer.

Jill was admitted to the hospital last week. I am asking for an extension on any legal matters or hearings until we have more information. It is my understanding that Ms. Clark has case #27-CV-9274, Parker v. Spire, with Judge Ivy Bernhardson. I anticipate providing an update later next week.

That should probably be 27-CV-12-9274, note the missing "12," but whatever.

I do not yet have the paper trail in the Parker Vehicle Fiasco reduced to PDFs but I hope to accomplish that in the near future so documentation about this would be political leader, Troy Parker, will be out there for public examination as part of political discourse.

Stay tuned for PART TWO of Troy Parker, Frequent Flyer On Lawsuit Airlines, "Waitress, There's An Unknown Foreign Object In My Food." 


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Do you have anything relevant to say about Troy Parker's lame lawsuit?

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