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More Turd Burglar Details, Not A Father To Be Found For The Three Accused Burglars Whose Names Are Known...

Contributed photo, Allen Michael King Accused Turd Burglar, 
blog post by John Hoff

It's Christmas Day, a time when many good people in North Minneapolis travel to see relatives who don't live in the neighborhood.

What are these good people thinking while away from their homes?

They are thinking: Will my home and possessions be safe from turd burglars who break into homes and (allegedly) take a big crap in the toilet and wipe with a whole roll of toilet paper? Or will my entire roll of toilet paper be used up while I am gone, and my 1943 Walking Liberty Silver coin will actually go walking off?

In the holiday spirit (OK, not really, but the date coincides) I have decided it's time to write in more detail about the accused Thanksgiving Day turd burglars who tried hard to ruin Thanksgiving for one elderly citizen of North Minneapolis, but instead sparked a dramatic neighborhood self-defense response which literally included one neighbor running around in superhero pajamas...

Here are details about three of the accused turd burglars, and by "accused" I mean "caught red handed but technically they haven't been found guilty, yet, so read a little caveat in there somewhere."

Allen Michael King, a/k/a AMK 

By a quirk of fate, pictures snapped at the scene primarily document Allen Michael King, born October 4, 1995. It's not that King is more guilty than his friends. It's just that he happened to get photographed a lot more. Though the evidence against him is pretty detailed and rock solid.

King was run down by a police officer after emerging from the house. King was wearing purple latex gloves which were, in fact, captured in another photo and booked into evidence. In a "post-Miranda interview" King opened up his mouth and admitted to being the lookout, and did go inside after the burglar whose initials are JEW broke the window on the back door.

The criminal complaint says AMK hooked up with DLM and DS and "they stated they were going to hit this place." It says "AMK did not want to but stated he followed DLM."

(Eye roll. Such b.s.)

Oh, here's my favorite part. It's the "no honor among turd burglars" portion.

"AMK stated that the seventh suspect who eluded police was his brother, MVK."

Too funny! One of the burglars gets away clean but HIS OWN BROTHER coughs up his name. If thugs on the Northside can't trust their own brother not to be a snitch, who can they trust? Nobody, that's who. Better spill your guts on your accomplices as quick as possible, or you'll be the one taking all the blame. In fact, I'm told that when two of the burglars were nabbed a couple blocks away, one pointed to the other as the police car rolled up and said, "It was him."

AMK (allegedly) had two pieces of stolen property with him when police nabbed him, a 1967 half dollar and a 1943 Walking Liberty silver coin.

AMK reportedly lives at 2320 Dupont Ave. N.  His mother is Angela LHeureux. (I'm sure Angela puts an apostrophe in her last name, but I don't approve of punctuation in last names and barely tolerate double capitalization, so I'm writing it the same way it appears in the criminal complaint, and I'm happy the prosecutor apparently sees eye-to-eye with me on this pressing social issue)

His father is listed as "name and address unknown." His grandmother is Carlean Bogan King. I'm guessing AMK lives with his grandmother, since his mother is listed as "address unknown" somewhere in St. Paul.

Marques Perkins, The Foster Child

Marques Jakhar Perkins, DOB 4/19/96, lives at a foster home in Woodbury and may have been the individual reported to be on a "holiday pass" to see his relatives. He has foster parents listed at a Woodbury address. No point publishing their address. They didn't ask for this kind of hassle and are probably doing the best they can with somebody else's child. Here is the criminal complaint. 

Perkins' father is Mark Perkins, address unknown. His mother is Tiffany Renece Jimerson, 2423 Irving Ave. N., #1. The license for that building was in review as of the 12th of this month.

Jimerson was born 3/31/79. So his mother was just a little bit short of her 17th birthday when Marques was born. Tiffany Jimerson doesn't have much of a criminal record, except for an incredibly stupid incident where she was charged with smoking where prohibited (convicted) and obstructing legal process (dismissed).

Here's free advice. When the nice officer tells you to put out your cigarette, don't refuse and start lipping off.

Jimerson has been named in at least three eviction actions:
27-CV-HC-07-8211 CHADI ALADI vs Tiffany R Jimerson, John Doe 10/03/2007 - Hennepin Housing Eviction (UD) Closed-Physical File Destroyed

27-CV-HC-11-6933 2646 Logan Avenue North LLC vs Tiffany Ranee Jimerson, Jane Doe, John Doe 10/25/2011 - Hennepin Housing Eviction (UD) Closed

27-CO-12-1842 TRC Petersen Investments Inc vs Tiffany R Jimerson 03/13/2012 - Hennepin Civil Conciliation Closed
Seems like Jimerson couldn't pay the rent on time if she won the lottery. But at least she has a known address, unlike Allen King's mother and father.

According to the criminal complaint, "MJP" was the turd burglar who wore black socks on his hands for gloves, and could be seen removing the socks. He tried to claim he was outside the house, not inside. Later, he admitted to going inside along with his brother, DLM. Of course, DLM tried to say he was in the alley talking to a friend named "Larson."

Reading the complaint is like doing a not-very-hard logic puzzle. Assume whenever a witness or the turd burglars themselves say somebody was inside, it is true, and when the burglars claim somebody wasn't inside, it's false. Assuming these conditions, how many turd burglars were inside?

Correct answer? ALL OF THEM.

Navarr Ross, Mr. Mysterious

The complaint says Navarr Ross was identified as the person kicking in the window by an eyewitness. However, the turd burglars say the window was kicked out by somebody with the initials JEW. Navarr was one of the individuals chased and caught by police as the suspects emerged from the house.

Luckily, there is video that exists of all the turd burglars trying to break into a neighboring house. I have watched the video (though I have not been given a copy) and all the burglars are very easy to see and identify.

Notably, one of the burglars notices the camera and they all scatter. The video is like a testament to the value of security cameras. Also, a great deal of physical evidence was collected at the scene of the burglary on Hillside Ave. N.

Ross lives at 912 Upton Ave. N. with his mother, Marllena L. Wright. (Yes, that's how her first name is written in the complaint)

His father's name and address are unknown.

In Summary

Looking into the backgrounds of three turd burglars has turned up only the name of one father, and only two mothers taking care of their own children. One of the mothers was 16 years old when her son was born.

Some on Hillside Avenue North were astonished by the brazen stupidity of the burglary. Didn't the burglars think others around would NOTICE? They actually SWARMED on the house after walking boldly across the street together.

My explanation was this: They come from environments where there is no order, and nobody got very involved in what these children did for good or bad. These children assume the rest of the world is like that, and nobody will notice or give a damn.

Moral Of The Story

The 1500 block of Hillside Ave. N. is OFF LIMITS to crime sprees. If I see somebody on the jail roster charged with SPITTING ON THE SIDEWALK, and they list an address on the 1600 block of Hillside Ave. N., I will make sure the details of the spitting incident are publicized.

There's a lot of work to be done all over North Minneapolis, but this particular block is not a place where crime sprees are allowed. On this particular block, the signs that say "WE WATCH, WE CALL" apparently mean "WE WATCH THE HOUSE WHILE THE BURGLARS ARE TRAPPED INSIDE" and "WE CALL 911 WHILE THE BURGLARS ARE TRAPPED INSIDE." 


Anonymous said...

who's the cry baby in the pink hat?

Johnny Northside said...

That is most likely Perkins, since the rumor at the scene was he was a foster kid from Woodbury. But that information is not 100 percent confirmed.

Anonymous said...

1500 Block of Hillside...

Johnny Northside! said...

You're right, when I wrote "1600" I meant "1500" so I went back and changed it.

But you never know. I might want to create a buffer block or two and say nonsense won't go without comment THERE, either.