Thursday, December 20, 2012

Spanky Pete ("He," "Him," "The Spankinator") Files More Gibberish In Federal Court...

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post by John Hoff

A few days ago I reported on Level Three Sex Offender Peter Richard Stephenson (a/k/a Peter Rickmyer, a/k/a Spanky Pete, a/k/a Creepy Pete, a/k/a Stinky Pete, a/k/a Pete The Pedophile, a/k/a Pete The Perv, a/k/a Pete The Pervert) filing some gibberish in federal court in the case of Wells Fargo, NA versus Jill Clark.

And, yes, it is indeed odd that Pete is filing stuff in Jill Clark's case, but the way I look upon it he can hardly do worse for Jill Clark's cause than Jill Clark herself...

Here are Pete's latest filings, click here and also here. 

Note the distinctive little "Spankyisms" in the document like Pete's habit of naming himself and then going out of his way to mention the words "his," "my" and "I" also refer to "Peter Rickmyer."

Who isn't really Peter Rickmyer, but Peter Richard Stephenson, notorious sex offender and Rule 9 frivolous litigant who uses the name "Peter Rickmyer."

The substance of the document--and I say "substance" loosely, meaning only "what the gibberish seems to be trying to say"--concerns arguments about why the case in federal court shouldn't be remanded back to state court. Because, says Spanky, his rights are being trampled, he's being forced to use a rubber mattress even though there's NO BEDWETTING PROBLEM, and also his oddly frequent purchase of oversize lollipops is COMPLETELY INNOCENT. Only one of the three things on that previous list wasn't completely made up by me, see the documents linked above to figure out which one if it isn't obvious.

I imagine it might not be. Obvious, I mean.


In the last few months, the "end game" legal career strategy of Jill Clark (reflected brokenly and bizarrely by Spanky Pete's copycat filings) has been to try to force cases that belong in state court into federal court. The legal boom which will ultimately be lowered has been cranked higher and higher. Will it ultimately smash down with meaningful force? That remains to be seen.

In the meantime, it's the trees that suffer.  

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